Knights of Badassdom

Best movie ever made? You decide. Lightning Bolt!

20 Responses to “Knights of Badassdom”


  2. hehe, brings back old memories!

  3. You fought succubi with Summer Glau? Stefan Rules!

  4. Tomorrow…anyone up for anything (summoning yet another succubus or similar)?

    Are we able to be at your house Jules?

  5. Unfortunately I can’t make it, as it is my wedding anniversary. But if you summon a succubus please make sure you take a photo for me.

  6. Richard Says:

    I’m still out for 2 more weeks, then I’ll be back…. you’ve probably forgotten what I’ve looked like it’s been so long…

  7. Can’t make tonight guys but have fun if you do meet up xxx

    P.s will we be on for meeting next week?

    Can’t cope with this last minute business! xxx

  8. Er, no game tonight guys. Guess you’d already figured this one out. Should be good for next Friday tho’

  9. Nothing tonight then, I have thus accepted to work overtime… *sigh* no excuses 🙂

  10. W00t! I’m in for this Friday (5th) if we want to start this ball rolling early =)

  11. Im out for the next 3 weeks, maybe 4 depends on where we end up 🙂

  12. I’m probably out too this week, sorry.

  13. I’m out too – regional meeting tmw so will be drinking hard afterwards and in no fit state to D&D xxx

  14. Still in Devon. I’m back next Friday for some D&D if we have enough takers.

    From what I’ve read:

    Jules: yay
    Stefan: Nay
    All others maybe

    So who can make it?

  15. Richard: Nay, I’m in a field in the middle of nowhere (ie. Ipswich)

  16. I’ll do my best to be there this week. I have an appointment in central London in the late afternoon, but I should be back in time.

    I thought that the middle of nowhere was Norwich, Ipswich is merely close to the middle of nowhere.

  17. I can’t make it this week after all. What with the riots my wife doesn’t want me to go out on Friday.

    Sorry to be unreliable.

  18. I’m afraid I can’t make this week either. Next week we get back to SRaO, I promise!

  19. Was yes to this week but nevermind xxx

  20. Please please please tell me we’re on for this Friday!!

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