Next Session: Friday 19th August

Game on for this Friday. I’m off to Birmingham in the day but should be back in plenty of time. However Sam is decorating the games room at the mo. Is your place available Jules? If not we should still be able to sort something here.

When we left the party back in May (May!) they were debating what to do next re the Phylactery of the Ghostlord, having lost their bard and gained an army of lizardmen.

Roll-call please lady and gents!

7 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 19th August”

  1. Stefan, I can’t seem to find the Tetsu mini. If you’re able to come Friday, do you have a mini you can bring?

  2. We are in

  3. I’m in, I’m in! Dear god let this not be cancelled this week!

  4. Barring any acts of god or civil disobedience I’ll be there.

  5. Yay looks like we are playing – please let us kill some stuff – I am in dire need of it

  6. I’m in too … though slightly confused as to where we are meeting? xxx

  7. We’re at mine tonight team. Can I ask two favours please. Turn up after 7.30 and when you arrive lease knock on the door and don’t ring the bell. The baby is sleeping poorly right now and his room is right above the front door. Quiet as mice please!

    Looking forward to saving your skins again with a hail of deadly and accurate arrows.

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