Character Spotlight: Thovar Axebeard

Thovar Axebeard is a noble born Dwarf from the mountain kingdom of Gulgarkitosh. His Uncle is Prince Gotork, but his father is a lesser noble called Tringkor the Shameless.

Thovar was raised as a warrior in the fearsome Gulgarkitosh clan. Had things gone to plan, Thovar might even be a warlord or chieftan by now, but alas, things do not always go to plan…

Thovar had discovered a nafarious plot to undermine his kingdom. Prince Gotork (spit on his grave) had been making deals with a rival goblin kingdom in order to gain more power in his quest for the throne of Gulgarkitosh. The Prince, it seems, had been trading dwarven armour and weapons in order to convince the goblins into staging an attack that would make Prince Gotork appear to be victorious – therefore winning his favour with the elder council and King Gulgar. Thovar learned of the plot innocently enough, by rifling through his uncle’s chest looking for a match to light his pipe. He discovered documents that proved his uncle’s guilt and gave details of the plans and his correspondence with the goblins.

Thovar confronted his Uncle immediately (as he was caught red-handed rifiling through the papers). Prince Gotork attacked Thovar immediately – fighting ferociously to save his crown and keep his evil deeds hidden. Thovar killed his Prince Gotork with his bare hands – and was again found red-handed over his uncle’s body by the princes’ attendant. Needless to say – it appeared that Thovar murdered his uncle in cold blood and Thovar fled, attempting to seek help, and regain his honour.

Before Thovar could find his family and friends the alarm had been raised and the accusations had flown throughout the kingdom. Thovar was as good as dead and the shame that fell on the Family broke his heart and crushed his will to live. Thovar left the mountain Kingdom in the dead of night following the death of Gotork. He vowed never to return unless he could prove his innocence somehow. Instead he would seek to expunge the dishonour befallen his family by seeking the most glorious death possible, vanquishing evil and seeking out the foes most worthy of his blade and his life.

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