Next Session: Friday 26th August

Sean, Charlie and Jo can’t make it this week, but if we can get everyone else it’s game on for the “Saviours of Drellin’s Ferry”.

I know Jules is in, and can host again this week (decorating ongoing at mine). Do we have three more?


12 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 26th August”

  1. I fear that I am out, think I will be in Devon Friday, I am 100% in for the week after though, and have no plans right now for any other Fridays to come in a very long time 🙂

  2. I’m in

  3. I’m in. We may not have enough for RPG but may have enough for 2,358 card pick-up. Actually you need just one to play, but having others standing around and sadly shaking their heads adds to the experience.

  4. I think ive played that once at your house Jules…think you invented the rules didnt you? :p If you want to swing by my house to pick up the game you are very welcome. (I wont be there of course so you would have to break in and disable the Alarm somehow, but thats a game in itself isnt it?)

  5. Sorry, I can’t make it as I am at the hospital this afternoon, and next Friday as well.

  6. Soo, only 3 of us, is this a cancellation or a board game?

  7. Its a boardgame with three. Happy to host that if you chaps supply the games. If you want to bail, let me know

    • I’ve got carcasonne to supply if it tickles your fancy but I’m sure carl has some more fancy games we’ve never played before in which we’ll gang up and beat him again….

  8. Nothing from Carl, anyone know if he’s still up for it?

  9. I’m in! I can bring the LotR boardgame and Summoner Wars. And beer!

  10. Awesome, see you in 15 =)

  11. We are playing this week yes? Where and what? 🙂

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