Next Session: Friday 2nd Sept

After some highly enjoyable boardgaming last week (Vikings and Lord of the Rings the boardgame) it’s back to SRaO at mine if we have the troops.

Stefan is in; who’s with him?


15 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 2nd Sept”

  1. Im in Im in Im in Im in! RAWR kill em all!

  2. I also need to find out more about what this entire Lich buisness is all about…seems theres quite a lot I have missed *sob*
    Really looking forward for tomorrow, so come on everyone, say you can make it please 🙂

  3. Sean and Chuck Says:

    We are stuck in America right now – flights cancelled so we wont be back in time

  4. Me and Stefan so far. Come on folks, who else can make it? I’ve slaved day and night over a hot DMG to prep for this session!

  5. ARG thats bad news sean, hope you get home sometime soon and that you dont have to sleep on a cold airport floor :/

  6. Richard is sunning himself in Corfu this week (Jammy git!) … He also told me that he thought this week was cancelled so I made other plans – However, I will make a couple of calls to get free if roleplay is on the cards with enough peeps to play.

    If only cards is on the cards then I’m out as Carl always wins when we play board/card games and I’d rather go out and get drunk than watch Carl pretend winning was by chance and not some diabolical card plot.

    I’ll watch this space to see who is in by 6pm…


  7. I’m in fellas. Come on Jo, with you with have the makings of a party. Where’s that man Bannister when you need him?

  8. I apologise, I am out too. As I think I said last week I am at the hospital today being drugged by uniformed sadists.

  9. So that makes 4 who can make it … is that enough to play? x

  10. Im poking my better half, to see if she would be interested…she probably isnt but its worth a shot :p

  11. Sorry – are we going to let that one go without a snigger? “Poking your better half”?

    Whatever, let’s rock up anyway and admire Carl & Sam’s new paint job. I’m imagining Louis XVI furnishings with trompe-l’oeil cherubs on the ceilings. Am I close?

  12. See you at 8 then! xxx

  13. We cannot play Carls D&D as we are too few (just spoke on phone) so I am going to bring my Savage Worlds book and tons of scenarios for that…if someone else has something even better on their mind, bring it along! 🙂

  14. Oh and if Im late, order me a medium sized pizza with lots of meat on it please…. Medium is the middle size, not whatever the pizzaria is calling medium :p

  15. Hope you had a good night guys, Just chipping in now whilst the internet is working (my girlfriend’s mum has wired herself into the hotel 1/2 km away without them knowing, so it’s patchy) just to say I will still be away next week, I come back on the Sunday so I’ll (hopefully) be able to come on the 16th =).

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