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Next Session: Friday September 30th

Posted in General on September 26, 2011 by Carl

My place for more D&D this week if we have the numbers; will the party harry the hobgoblin host’s hindquarters, go toe-to-toe with the Ghostlord, run for the walls of Brindol, or take the DM by surprise by doing something completely different?

Who’s in?

Hearing at Hammerfist

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on September 26, 2011 by Carl

Playing against type the party decide not to steal the loot, and instead make the two day trip to the Hammerfist Holds. The Grand Hall is filled with dwarves of variable accent who seem willing to undertake Lord Jarmaath’s mission to defend the walls of Brindol.

Willing, that is, until the merchant Derra Copperfist steps forward and accuses Thovar of being none other than Thovar Kinslayer, pariah of the Gulgarkitosh Halls, murderer of Prince Gotork!

A trial ensues, with the party attempting to prove Thovar’s good name in the face of Copperbottom’s dire accusations. Things are looking grim, with the whole party set to be clapped in irons and sent off for trial in Gulgarkitosh, when some bright spark suggests that maybe Coppernob has his own axe to grind. Perhaps he was in league with Gotork and his goblin cronies!

The dwarven leader Othrek Hammerfist sends his men out to search Coppercock’s caravan, and sure enough proof is found: a foul plot is afoot! Sadly Copperfister has made good his escape in the confusion, but on the plus side Thovar’s name is cleared, and the party are invited to join Othrek in a round of ales and game of Braggart.

Othrek has some sage, if somewhat drunken advice regarding onrushing hordes and Ghostlords, and with that the party retire for bed having somehow made themselves a firm friend in the doughty dwarven leader.

Mercenary Gold

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on September 23, 2011 by Carl

Having discussed next steps the party travel south, intent upon harrying the onrushing Red Hand army. Along the trail they come across a caravan ambushed by a Red Hand skirmishing party.

The hobgoblins, dragonborn and ogre soon fall, and after some now-standard torture the party learn that the lands east of Drellin’s Ferry are awash with raiding parties intent upon sowing chaos ahead of the oncoming host.

They find more than this however. The raided wagon has been sent by Lord Jaarmath of Brindol to the dwarven Shining Axe mercenaries of the Hammerfist Holds, along with 6000 gp. Will the party take the money and run, or fulfil the mission of the slain servants of Brindol?

Next Session: Friday September 23rd

Posted in General on September 22, 2011 by Carl

We are on for this week, repeat, on. Assuming that my leaving this so late doesn’t result in no-one turning up. Apologies for the lack of post, real life has been a beast this week.

I’m up for running SRaO at my gaff, who’s with me?

And even if we get rubbish numbers I’m happy to host a board game night. I have a bunch of new games I’m keen to try (Sentinels of the Multiverse, Space Hulk: Death Angel, Braggart and Incan Gold).

Next Session: Friday September 16th

Posted in General on September 13, 2011 by Carl

No gaming for me this week, I’m off to France.

With luck though Jules will be able to host. So who’s in, and what’s being played?

Next Session: Friday 9th September

Posted in General on September 7, 2011 by Carl

Game on at mine this Friday. We play D&D. No excuses, no exceptions, presence is mandatory. Hup! Hup! Hup! Now sound off!

Bunker Duty

Posted in Session Reports: Other on September 7, 2011 by Carl

With only Jules, Jo, Stefan and myself present Stefan pulled an impromptu Savage Worlds tale of the Imperial Guard out of the bag. We each had one grunt, who controlled a further two sub-grunts. I’d give names and serial numbers, but Stefan stole the character sheets with all the names on 🙂 Suffice to say I’m the bloodthirsty sniper, Jo is the luckless sarge, and Jules is the (totally hilarious) coward.

Dropped on a jungle planet infested with lions and nasty undergrowth our plucky squad are sent to take and hold a bunker in the middle of nowhere. Our greatest enemy proves to be our own paranoia; once again we prove our characters to be blithering self destructive idiots, regardless of the system we are playing. That’s consistency.

Somehow we end up with only a bad case of shredded nerves and couple of minions down by the end; Stefan’s test game has proved a great success and Savage Worlds has proved its versatility once again. I for one will be up for another game.