Bunker Duty

With only Jules, Jo, Stefan and myself present Stefan pulled an impromptu Savage Worlds tale of the Imperial Guard out of the bag. We each had one grunt, who controlled a further two sub-grunts. I’d give names and serial numbers, but Stefan stole the character sheets with all the names on 🙂 Suffice to say I’m the bloodthirsty sniper, Jo is the luckless sarge, and Jules is the (totally hilarious) coward.

Dropped on a jungle planet infested with lions and nasty undergrowth our plucky squad are sent to take and hold a bunker in the middle of nowhere. Our greatest enemy proves to be our own paranoia; once again we prove our characters to be blithering self destructive idiots, regardless of the system we are playing. That’s consistency.

Somehow we end up with only a bad case of shredded nerves and couple of minions down by the end; Stefan’s test game has proved a great success and Savage Worlds has proved its versatility once again. I for one will be up for another game.

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