Next Session: Friday September 23rd

We are on for this week, repeat, on. Assuming that my leaving this so late doesn’t result in no-one turning up. Apologies for the lack of post, real life has been a beast this week.

I’m up for running SRaO at my gaff, who’s with me?

And even if we get rubbish numbers I’m happy to host a board game night. I have a bunch of new games I’m keen to try (Sentinels of the Multiverse, Space Hulk: Death Angel, Braggart and Incan Gold).

9 Responses to “Next Session: Friday September 23rd”

  1. RAWR RAWR! Im in.

  2. In too altho late

  3. Can you put me down as a maybe?

    I would like to play, and will do my best to be there but I don’t want to promise to avoid further embarrassment if I can’t make it. It looks like there are enough to make the game viable even if I can’t make it.

    P.S. I quite fancy a game of SpaceHulk.

  4. Space Hulk is 190 GBP on Amazon. I like boardgames but that is too rich for my blood.

  5. I think there is Space Hulk and there is Space Hulk:Death Angels. One is a boxed game of enormous proportions and expense. The other is a card game on the same theme.

  6. Not that it matters but I’m out tonight – am off to the cinema to re-live ‘Jurassic park’ on the big screen…

    Was 13 when it came out and spent the whole 2 hours totally awestruck and couldn’t believe it wasn’t real!

    Dinosaurs Raaaahhh!


  7. I nearly threw up in my locker today out of tirednes. Dont trust myself to drive so afraid im out again… cant you all move further south? 🙂

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