Next Session: Friday September 30th

My place for more D&D this week if we have the numbers; will the party harry the hobgoblin host’s hindquarters, go toe-to-toe with the Ghostlord, run for the walls of Brindol, or take the DM by surprise by doing something completely different?

Who’s in?

14 Responses to “Next Session: Friday September 30th”

  1. I saw this today and I wondered if this was the film you were all discussing a few weeks ago:'excluding-monstrous-perverts-from-mainstream-society'-201106083924/

    Sorry I don’t know how to copy a link but hopefully you can cut and paste the URL.

    Anyway thanks to everyone for helping me to understand popular culture.

  2. Richard Smith Says:

    I’m in for tomorrow =D

  3. I should be able to make it too. Based on heavy hints from the GM I suggest that we go and visit the Ghostlord in the Thornwaste. If we go along with what Carl has planned maybe he will go easy on us when we can’t roll in double figures. Like last session.

  4. Carl. do you have enough players to run tonight?

    It isn’t a problem either way, I just want to plan what I am doing today.

  5. I feel a lot more relaxed today. so should be able to make it

  6. I can’t make it I’m afraid unless we all come over to mine as K is out on the lash tonight and someone needs to be a responsible adult around here and protect the children.

    You’re all very welcome to come over to mine but this may not suit GM if he has to haul multiple kilograms of books and miniatures.

    Sorry about this but my wife will insist on having a social life.

  7. I am in but where are we palying? I will miss Jules madly if he is not there

  8. Very touching – or do I owe you some money? Where’s Carl on all this? Its down to him really.

  9. I need to set out now to get to the game at a reasonable hour but I am unsure who is hosting? I am going to head to Carl’s house, if we are at Jules’ house can someone send me a text and let me know.


  10. Carl is the babysitter tonight as well, so it has to be at his house im afraid. He wil be there in 35 mind.

    I will be leaving my house soon do wont be rhere until just gone 8

  11. Ok sorry to confuse everyone – see you at Carl’s

  12. OK, sorry to miss out. Habbakkuk never misses and never dies (hint). Might have a solidarity pizza on my lonesome.

  13. Jules, fortunately for you and unfortunately for us Habbakkuk was absent for last session. We could have done with him as we fought a load of flying enemies in a cactus forest, but apparently he was guarding the horses from Apocalypsia.

    We won in the end though through our super/over-powered wizard, Stefan’s rule mastery and a dozen criticals from Sean. We only had one man (dwarf) down but it could easily have been more.

  14. Glad to hear we pulled through. This whole “guarding the horses” thing is a worry. Is it not some euphemism for some horrid sexual proclivity?

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