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Next Session: Friday 28th October

Posted in General on October 27, 2011 by Carl

The party have levelled up and rested, time to go kick some more monster butt at my place.

Russell has come up with some fanciful tale about picking up partners from airports. I trust no-one else will be bailing?

Into the Devil’s Privy

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on October 25, 2011 by Carl

The party have seen Tetsu vanish through a revolving wall trap. Those with sharper ears hear evidence of his continued existence, and they decide to follow him by leaping down the pit.

And not a moment too soon. In a brief flashback scene Tersu has found himslef in a small chamber filled with filth and ordure; it is also filled with large and unfriendly monsters. Trapped in this confined space the elf gets a proper battering from an enormous otyugh and iridescent ooze, not to mention the swarms of rot scarabs that his friends dump on his head. By the time his companions arrive on the scene he is  down for the count.

The ensuing battle is desperate; in this cramped, foul-smelling cesspit the party cannot escape the reach of their foes, and in the end they only just prevail. Battered and bloody they resolved to spike the door and rest for a few precious hours before continuing their mission.

  • Everyone is now Level 8!

Next Session: Friday 21st October

Posted in General on October 19, 2011 by Carl

I’m happy to DM chez Jules this week. Stefan, you are quite right, I couldn’t possibly kill a character while the player wasn’t there.  Unfortunately Tetsu died down the hole in the last session. Bah.

Who’s in?

The Lion’s Den

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on October 16, 2011 by Carl

The party approach the carved lion, climbing the steps between its massive stone paws. Within they find a large chamber filled with bones and little else; something large and carnivorous has clearly been here recently, but there is no sign of it now. A perfunctory search of the chamber fails to locate any exits.

Rethinking the party backtrack and climb up to the lion’s mouth. From here they enter the lion’s den, and run straight into a gang of bugbears. Though they follow the Red Hand they are clearly ex-members of the Bloodreaver slaver gang. It makes no odds; they die just the same.

The party head down a spiral staircase and discover some sort of torture chamber. As they begin to explore Tetsu is caught in a revolving wall trap and seperated from the party, who find themselves occupied with swarms of rot scarabs that come pouring out of the walls.

Is Tetsu doomed? Tune in next week…

Next Session: Friday October 7th

Posted in General on October 5, 2011 by Carl

The party have discovered what they assume to be the Ghostlord’s lair. Will the party enter it with the lich’s phylactery? What are they going to do should they encounter said Ghostlord? Who will be guarding the horses this week? And will the DM be sober? These questions and many others will be answered at the next session of SRaO.

Across The Thornwaste

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on October 3, 2011 by Carl

Despite the DM’s insistence that he is providing a sandbox world where every choice is valid, the players somehow spot the dayglow flashing rails leading off towards the Ghostlord, and decide to follow them.

After days of travel the party find themselves in a vile arid land of twisted, barbed vegetation, treacherous ravines and razor-sharp rocks. The sun beats down remorselessly, carrion birds circle overhead, but on the plus side no creature would be mad enough to live out here in such a blasted wilderness.

This of course is the cue for an ambush by a rag-tag bunch of creatures, who have absolutely not been assembled because the DM happens to have their minis lying about and has yet to make use of them. Instead it seems as if they are somehow being controlled to coordinate their attack, and they do so most effectively. A redspwan firebelcher, well, belches fire, a big spiked snaky thing poisons everything around it whilst from above harpies spew burning clouds of ash and a griffon makes straffing runs with its deadly claws. Add in the ravines and the bushes with the 6-inch thorns that hurt like hell when you land in them, and their party have their work cut out.

Tetsu, as point man,  becomes the immediate focus, and takes a hell of a beating before being knocked into a ravine. He decides to stay down there where it is safe. Thovar also takes massive damage, and then gets knocked into the ravine too, along with the firebelcher that decides barbecue dwarf is on the menu. Death is not far.

It is largely thanks to Brynn’s healing prowess, Brick’s new 20-on-every-sided dice and Artheon’s uber-munchkin build that the party survive at all. Stinking clouds and insane damage-dealing finally win the day, but the party have taken quite a battering. Someone, it seems, does not like them (and I’m not just talking about the DM).

Another day’s travel and at last the party find themselves gazing up at a truly intimidating sight. A massive lion of dull tawny stone crouches, as if ready to pounce, rising fully eighty feet above their heads. Carved from the very landscape, this is a monolith of quite terrifying  proportions. What manner of creature could create such a dread marvel, and what unspoken horror does its fearsome  aspect signify?

Or, as one poetic soul more succinctly puts it, “Oh look, it’s a dungeon.”