Next Session: Friday October 7th

The party have discovered what they assume to be the Ghostlord’s lair. Will the party enter it with the lich’s phylactery? What are they going to do should they encounter said Ghostlord? Who will be guarding the horses this week? And will the DM be sober? These questions and many others will be answered at the next session of SRaO.


14 Responses to “Next Session: Friday October 7th”

  1. If i bring beer will you drink it carl? Everything wss much easier last week 🙂
    I think i can make it

  2. Brother Bryn will be guarding the horses this week. Unfortunately I can’t make it as I will be back late this Friday.

    Good luck against the Ghostlord. It is against the rules to kill someone’s character if they aren’t there. Gary Gygax says so.

    • Russell, you will be guarding the horses this week. I’m sure they’ll be fascinated to hear with a lengthy lecture on Pellor. We’re not. I’m coming but will be late. Hold that pizza order.

  3. Great. Equine converts to Pelor, just what we need.

  4. As long as the asses dont start spanking themselves whilst in extacy yelliing “thank you pelor nneeeeigh!”

  5. Feeling like 10 pounds of shite in a five pound bag since last evening and didn’t sleep much last night. Have taken some powerful drugs and now feel much better, in fact I can’t feel a thing. I may not be able to come along this evening if the headache and the dancing fairies at the edge of my vision don’t bugger off and leave me alone.

    I’ll let you know later. Do not want to guard the horses again – especially if the God Botherer is there too.

  6. Artheon will not be guarding the horses… he will however pity them during tonight’s session.

  7. If I am late, could you order me a large Sean, or if Sean is not coming a Large Meateor 🙂

  8. Great Session yesterday! And some fun card gaming at the end.

  9. I’m not sure if the game is on this week, but I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately (for me) I can’t make it. I will be away from my PC till late Friday and didn’t want to let you know at the last minute.

    I hope to be there the following week, hopefully in time for xp and magic items after you have killed the Ghostlord.

  10. Apologies folks, I too am going to have to miss this week.

  11. I’m out, at work I’m afraid

  12. I think I will drop out too, work is heavy (metal…literally) at the moment, so will spend the night sleeping.

  13. You bastards! Habbakuk has been running across the ThornWastes to catch up and has just arrived at the entrance to the Giant Tawny Lion, all keen to get stuck in and…

    The first week in several that I’m able to make it and off you all flake, citing work or family or other such weak excuses. Russell didn’t even provide a reason!

    Oh well, I suppose there are those zillion Assyrians who need painting…

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