The Lion’s Den

The party approach the carved lion, climbing the steps between its massive stone paws. Within they find a large chamber filled with bones and little else; something large and carnivorous has clearly been here recently, but there is no sign of it now. A perfunctory search of the chamber fails to locate any exits.

Rethinking the party backtrack and climb up to the lion’s mouth. From here they enter the lion’s den, and run straight into a gang of bugbears. Though they follow the Red Hand they are clearly ex-members of the Bloodreaver slaver gang. It makes no odds; they die just the same.

The party head down a spiral staircase and discover some sort of torture chamber. As they begin to explore Tetsu is caught in a revolving wall trap and seperated from the party, who find themselves occupied with swarms of rot scarabs that come pouring out of the walls.

Is Tetsu doomed? Tune in next week…

5 Responses to “The Lion’s Den”

  1. I think that this week i have some work do… will post when i know for sure

  2. It IS this week that I have a work do.

    I was thinking that now that I wont be able to come, I wont be able to die (as you dont kill someone when they are not there…), that gives us some good tactical oppertunities. We could just walk away from the hole and next week I would magically apear next to you! RAWR Im so sneaky! Though maybe I shouldnt have written this in the GMs blog…

  3. Stefan, I applaud your clever plan.

    Still in the following episode when you are there Tetsu could get hit by a freak meteorite strike for d1000 damage. I’m not saying the GM would stoop to this kind of meta-gaming, but still Brother Bryn won’t be standing next to Tetsu just in case.

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