Next Session: Friday 21st October

I’m happy to DM chez Jules this week. Stefan, you are quite right, I couldn’t possibly kill a character while the player wasn’t there.  Unfortunately Tetsu died down the hole in the last session. Bah.

Who’s in?

7 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 21st October”

  1. FOILED!

    (nah, if tetsu dies, he dies…its ok Ive got 8 other characters in my builder that Ive geeked up at work…and I want to play ALL of them :p)

  2. I should be able to make it this week.

    Stefan, why don’t you make enough new characters for everyone. I can sense a TPK coming.

  3. I’m out due to work, back in next week.

  4. Maybe if less time was spent geeking the eight characters at work when, I would imagine, you should be working, you’d be free in the evenings to play at least one of them. Just a thought…

    Anyone heard from the Conley Boys recently?

    Toy Story III is screening in my house until about 7.45 tonight. You are welcome to turn up before the DVD ends and the audience are sent upstairs to bed but there may be more noise and itoo many fractious and rate small people than you are able to tolerate.

  5. Sorry Guys, Been rubbish of late and can’t make tonight either 😦 enjoy xxx

  6. So whats the score…did I die? Do I live…for now? Did you find the lich? AAAARG I want to know.

  7. Stefan, Tetsu owes us big. After he disappeared down the hole we heard him calling for help. After a bit of discussion whether the sounds suggested regular combat or Tetsu fighting for his virtue we jumped down to help.
    We found ourselves trapped in what appeared to be a monster toilet about three squares across with various slime monsters with burst powers.

    Tetsu decided to have a bit of lie down in the first round and left us to handle them. Which we did by using all our daily powers and basically just being able to take more punshment (Pelor would be proud). Tetsu had failed two death saves by the time we got to him and healed him. You need to thank Sean for the half dozen death saves he made for you. The healthiest party member had about 15 hp and bad case of trench foot.

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