Into the Devil’s Privy

The party have seen Tetsu vanish through a revolving wall trap. Those with sharper ears hear evidence of his continued existence, and they decide to follow him by leaping down the pit.

And not a moment too soon. In a brief flashback scene Tersu has found himslef in a small chamber filled with filth and ordure; it is also filled with large and unfriendly monsters. Trapped in this confined space the elf gets a proper battering from an enormous otyugh and iridescent ooze, not to mention the swarms of rot scarabs that his friends dump on his head. By the time his companions arrive on the scene he is  down for the count.

The ensuing battle is desperate; in this cramped, foul-smelling cesspit the party cannot escape the reach of their foes, and in the end they only just prevail. Battered and bloody they resolved to spike the door and rest for a few precious hours before continuing their mission.

  • Everyone is now Level 8!

3 Responses to “Into the Devil’s Privy”

  1. Everyone gains a stat increase and new feat. Unless you want me to choose for you, let me know what you want me to pick.

    Jules, I see you’ve sorted Habbakuk already.

  2. We talked about all taking the enduring mountain feat to boost our healing surges

  3. I’m not sure if there is a game this week, but just in case there is I wanted to let you know that unfortunately I can’t make it as I need to collect Monica from the airport tomorrow evening.

    After last week Brother Bryn throws a bucket of Domestos down any pit before jumping into it.

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