Next Session: Friday 4th November

Zombies and skellies and mummies, oh my!

The party are surrounded by undead horrors. Yikes! Unless you want your character to be torn to bloody scraps, get dried out and be reanimated as shrieking sentient jerky for the Ghostlord’s delectation you’d best be at my place on Friday night. You have been warned!


5 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 4th November”

  1. True to the Halloween spirit :p Ill be there

  2. Chuck will be there without me with instreuctions to roll 18 and higher and keep Brick alive

  3. I’m in but will rock up after 8pm. Get started without me but don’t kill Habbakuk. He is at his very best when he stands a long way away from the baddies. That was a long way away I said.

  4. I’m sorry. I can’t make it, and am going to be even more unreliable than usual for the next few weeks due to a combination of work and health issues.

    I quite understand if you want to kill Brother Bryn for the entertainment of the GM and/or the the other players.

  5. I’m here, Artheon will still be up to his tricks =)

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