Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Kickstarter Campaign

SotM is by far my favourite game of the moment. Of late D&D sessions have been ending early, leaving just enough time for a quick gathering of Wraith, Bunker, Legacy Absolute Zero and a host of other heroes in the face of the villainy of Baron Blade, Omnitron et al.

The grim and gritty Rook City expansion is due in a few months, and to get in on the act of that, the main game, and the lovely promo Legacy and Wraith cards you can pledge cash to the Kickstarter campaign. Head over here to get involved:

$85 plus $10 shipping will get you the whole lot, or there are tons of other pledges you can make that get you differing rewards.

3 Responses to “Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Kickstarter Campaign”

  1. hmmm seriously thinking about it… but not sure if its something for julie and that just leaves you to pkay it with…who already has it of coursr

  2. Carl, were you not tempted to go for the 200 USD pledge?

    Yes, it is a lot of money but a small price to play for immortality.

  3. Very tempted indeed 🙂

    Only the thought of my wife stabbing me to death with knitting needles dissuaded me.

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