Next Session: Friday November 11th

Oh my god, they actually pushed the button!

What horrific fate awaits our plucky adventurers, afflicted with Mummy Rot and battered by the ghostlord’s minions, deep in the dread lair of the deadly lich?

There’s only one way to find out…



7 Responses to “Next Session: Friday November 11th”

  1. please please please let it be fluffy lion kittens who just wants cuddles…awww sooo cute them lion babies.

  2. Damn, have you been reading my campaign notes?

  3. Artheon is ready play tricksy with whatever lies beyond..

  4. And Habbakuk is ready to play footsy with whatever lies in front of him….but will as always not turn up until abut 8.30.

  5. I apologise but I am going to have to drop out of the group, probably until Christmas. I am under a lot of pressure at work at the moment with a series of rolling week-on-week deadlines which means I don’t have much energy spare.

    Hopefully things will quieten down in the new year and it would be great it was OK for me to join you again then. However I quite understand if you need to give my seat to someone who was more reliable.

    Anyway, I wish you all a happy festive season. I have permission to go to Dragonmeet this year and maybe I will see some of you there.

  6. /me kicks Russell.
    You are not allowed to quit, but you are hereby granted vacation untill the new year.

    Oh and just to make it absolutely clear, I am not coming tonight šŸ™‚

  7. Leave of absence seconded Russell. Your seat is reserved for as long as you need, as is yours Jo.

    Hope work behaves itself soon, and I’ll be seeing you at Dragonmeet.

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