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The Lions of Brindol

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You learn the following information about the Lions of Brindol from the Ghostlord’s library.

Sir Cadogan of Rhest: a noble warrior, wielder of the magical spear Cuchulain
Malazar and Irenz: a mighty wizard and his pet red dragon
Silanis Nightshadow: A golden-haired arcane archer
Hugnor Hammerfist: A Moradin-touched dwarven prince, heir to the Hammerfist Holds
Korgaran: A fearsome dragonborn champion of Bahamut
Vellis the Knife: a halfling famed for her swiftness, wit and cunning
The Shroud: a mysterious creature of night and shadow, utterly deadly, utterly ruthless

The Lions of Brindol were a legendary adventuring party active during the twilight years of the Neruth Empire. They vanished at the height of their fame.

There are several conflicting theories as to their ultimate fate. Some claim they now sit amongst the gods themselves. Others have it that they met their end in an unholy labyrinthine crypt far below the earth. Still others speak of an ultimate sacrifice that left them frozen for eternity, locked in endless battle with forces that would have destroyed the world, whilst another tale claims that the Lions lie slumbering in a mystical stasis, ready to return when the world needs them most.

A Brief History of Nerath

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The following timeline is pieced together from several books in the Ghostlord’s library.
  • The Mythic Age: Cosmic Genesis, the birth of the Planes, Primordials and Gods
  • The Dawn War:  War between the Primordials and the Gods
  • The Dawn Age: Rise of the mortal races

Imperial Age

  • CY -3800: Rise of the Dragonborn Arkhosian Empire,
  • CY -3500: Rise of the Tiefling Bael Turath Empire
  • CY -1100: Imperial wars, fall of empires

Nerathi Age

  • CY-1050: Rise of the Nerath Empire
  • CY -208: The sacking Rhest
The Modern Age
  • CY -190: Death of the last Nerathi King Elidyr
  • CY -115: The Lions of Brindol vanish after a decade of heroics
  • CY- 100: (circa) remains of the Nerathi Empire splinters into isolated states and outposts
  • CY -80: Shadowfell Keep abandoned

A pact with the Ghostlord

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The wall slides open revealing a chamber filled with pillars and furniture made of bones. Atop a skeletal table lies a desiccated human head.

As the party approaches the head begins to screech and curse. The bony furniture grasps at the heroes, whilst the pillars spew forth exploding zombies. Worse still a mighty zombie hulk joins the fray, and Thovar is lucky to be alive by the time the party finally gain the upper hand. However the whole party is badly wounded and sick, and it is only bravery that drives them to press on.

Careful exploration of this chamber reveals yet another secret door, this one leading to darkened chamber. On the far side, radiating waves of dark, necrotic power, sits the Ghostlord himself.

Habbakuk turns diplomat; he offers to return Ghostlord’s phylactery in return for the lich’s oath that his ghostly legions  are withdrawn from the assault on Brindol, and the lich eagerly accepts. The party leave to fulfil the bargain, finding the devastation they had wrought mystically repaired. They pass through the bone room and back past the great tree, with the six shrouded figures at its base. Not daring to investigate the figures more closely  they press on to the library, discovering a set of seven golden lion figurines waiting for them in the corridor beyond.

At this point it occurs to them that there may be some link between the lion-themed lair of the Ghostlord, and those famed warriors, the Lions of Brindol. They turn back, search the Ghostlord’s library, and find two books of particular interest; one on the history of Nerath, one on the Lions of Brindol.

The contents of these books spark all sort of ideas and theories in the minds of our heroes. Amongst them:

  • The Ghostlord is actually one of the original  Lions of Brindol, a being formerly known as “The Shroud”
  • The six shrouded figures at the tree base are in fact the bodies of the other Lions of Brindol, perhaps feeding the lich’s dread power
  • Perhaps the lich killed his erstwhile companions
  • Perhaps the lion lair is a mausoleum to the memory of the Lions of Brindol
  • Perhaps guilt drove the Ghostlord to build this dark place

However the theories cannot be tested; the way back is blocked. The party press on, honouring their bargain and returning the phylactery to the Ghostlord in the lion statue’s maw.

Apocalypsia immediately recognises the small lion for what it is; a Figurine of Wonderous Power. Hurling it to the ground it transforms into a huge, living lion. The party, mounted on their lions,  head east for Brindol at tremendous speed. Avoiding hobgoblin patrols they near the city in only two days, thankfully still ahead of the approaching army. An army which, Tetsu senses, holds Ulwai Stormcaller amongst it’s number.

The party spot a hobgoblin scouting party hidden near Brindol’s walls, and attack…