A Brief History of Nerath

The following timeline is pieced together from several books in the Ghostlord’s library.
  • The Mythic Age: Cosmic Genesis, the birth of the Planes, Primordials and Gods
  • The Dawn War:  War between the Primordials and the Gods
  • The Dawn Age: Rise of the mortal races

Imperial Age

  • CY -3800: Rise of the Dragonborn Arkhosian Empire,
  • CY -3500: Rise of the Tiefling Bael Turath Empire
  • CY -1100: Imperial wars, fall of empires

Nerathi Age

  • CY-1050: Rise of the Nerath Empire
  • CY -208: The sacking Rhest
The Modern Age
  • CY -190: Death of the last Nerathi King Elidyr
  • CY -115: The Lions of Brindol vanish after a decade of heroics
  • CY- 100: (circa) remains of the Nerathi Empire splinters into isolated states and outposts
  • CY -80: Shadowfell Keep abandoned

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