Next Session: Friday December 2nd

No session on Friday 25th, as we’re out celebrating Sean’s 40th.

Who’s up for a gaming night Friday 2nd?

19 Responses to “Next Session: Friday December 2nd”

  1. Happy birthday, Sean

  2. Happy B’Day Sean, hope you can remember some of it.

  3. *cough* I mean Jules

  4. No, you mean Sean. Jules was the week before 🙂

  5. Im in a crummy easyjet plane on my way to Denmark next week 😦 What I wouldnt give for a teleport spell so I could come to RPG night instead!

    Have a really good party with Sean (I thought that was last weekend??) I still cant attend as I will be planning the next Viking invasion with a Sweedish Jarl.

  6. Jules, still want us at yours on Friday?

  7. No D&D today, so I’ll bring along some board games in case no-one has a one-shot RPG to run. Remember, we’re at Jules’ place, not mine tonight.

  8. I have Wrath of Ashardalon, Sentinels and Braggart packed. Let me know if there are any other games you’d like me to bring..

  9. All at mine this evening – or those that can make it. Is it Sean & Carl only? Russell, are you still out?

    Carl, would also quite like to play Summoner Wars but maybe we can’t play four different games in one evening…

  10. I wouldn’t mind owning you guys at Summoners Wars….*cough* I mean having a nice friendly game of Summoner Wars.

  11. No Sean or Charlie = game off tonight 😦

    I’m likely to be at a work do next week too.

  12. Guess we are out this week,

    Sorry I had to bail on you guys last week. I still feel bad about that

  13. Guessing we’re off too. Are we going to meet before Xmas? If not, Merry Xmas all =)

    (And I still want that Skyray Sean, haven’t forgotten)

    • Richard, I got your Skyray Today and Jules’ Black Reach and Carls Paints – whos up for a xmas drink midweek next week? So I can give you guys your goodies?

      • If by next week you mean Thursday evening/Friday I can do, otherwise I’m working 12h shifts Mon – Thursday.

      • I can do Thursday – and I think Friday is out for most of us – I just emailed Jules Carl and Stefan – but I can’t find your email??

  14. I caroling for the lord mayor thursday. Where abouts did you want to meet up ?

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