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Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Kickstarter Campaign

Posted in Uncategorized on November 7, 2011 by Carl

SotM is by far my favourite game of the moment. Of late D&D sessions have been ending early, leaving just enough time for a quick gathering of Wraith, Bunker, Legacy Absolute Zero and a host of other heroes in the face of the villainy of Baron Blade, Omnitron et al.

The grim and gritty Rook City expansion is due in a few months, and to get in on the act of that, the main game, and the lovely promo Legacy and Wraith cards you can pledge cash to the Kickstarter campaign. Head over here to get involved:

$85 plus $10 shipping will get you the whole lot, or there are tons of other pledges you can make that get you differing rewards.

Sickened, Rotting and Over soon…

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on November 7, 2011 by Carl

The party are attacked from all sides by the walking dead, with Brick taking the brunt of the punishment. In short order both he and Thovar have picked up a ton of damage and a nasty case of mummy rot.

But of course the bad guys have reckoned without the mighty munchkin power of Artheon, who soon has the undead horde dancing to his tune. Though the battle is brutal it is also, after some early scares, one-sided; the reanimated corpses fall, disintegrating slowly into dust. Then one of the fallen foes explodes, exposing the entire party to the foul mummy rot disease they had been so carefully avoiding. Most contract the foul (and deadly) disease. Necrosis sets in, and healing magics seem limited in what they can repair.

As if that is not bad enough Tetsu’s sharp eyes pick up on a worrisome sight; the fallen creatures are starting to re-form in their shadowy alcoves. In a matter of minutes they will lumber forth once more.

Beating a hasty retreat the party press on deeper into the chilly lair, finding a book-lined parlour. Thovar helps himself to a ruby broach, and Artheon to a magical tome. The tome then bursts into  swarm of bugs, blinding everyone nearby and leaving them stumbling and shrieking.

Order is eventually restored, and taking the book the somewhat shaken party discover a secret door that leads, via a seeming dead-end and wall button, to another dimly lit chamber. Herein stands a tall tree, with 6 humanoid forms, shrouded, at its base.

The party make for the far door, but as twisted roots and branches begin to snake after them Thovar discovers the door is locked! With an almighty shoulder barge he flattens the door, and the party stumble into a narrow passage with the arboreal monstrosity in hot pursuit, only to find another dead end. Tetsu spots another hidden button in the wall, and with the horrid timber closing in fast behind them he throws caution to the wind, and presses…

Next Session: Friday 4th November

Posted in General on November 3, 2011 by Carl

Zombies and skellies and mummies, oh my!

The party are surrounded by undead horrors. Yikes! Unless you want your character to be torn to bloody scraps, get dried out and be reanimated as shrieking sentient jerky for the Ghostlord’s delectation you’d best be at my place on Friday night. You have been warned!

Flight of the Stormcaller

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on November 1, 2011 by Carl

Tetsu is woken from his slumbers by a cry of “Wyrmlord!”

gathering his comrades he soon finds himself battling more hobgoblins, led this time by an oddly attractive hobgoblin, the Wyrmlord Ulwai Stormcaller.

These swift-footed opponents find themselves no match for the SRaO however, and are quickly cut down. Only the Wyrmlord remains, all batted eyelashes and silver tongue.

Ulwai proved a pragmatic, persuasive captive. In return for three answers she bargains for the right to be placed, bound, at the mouth of the lion statue. From there she announces the following:

  • The Ghostlord can be reached via a secret door in the torture chamber
  • Azarr Kul gathers a fresh army of hobgoblins and giants in the Giantshield Mountains to the east. Once complete this army will join with the horde approaching from the west to crush Brindol in a devastating pincer movement
  • There is a mole in Brindol who will see the city fall with barely a fight

She then smiles, whistles, and tips backward off the lion’s maw. Moments later she rises back into view, astride a gigantic white dragon, its body an unholy mass of rapidly rotting and recomposing flesh. The beast unleashes a frigid blast that has the party scrambling back down the spiral staircase, before winging its way northeast across the Thornwaste.

The party have an ace in the hole however; unbeknownst to the Wyrmlord, Tetsu has cast Oath of the Relentless Hunter; no matter how far or how fast she flies, Tetsu will always know Ulwai Stormcaller’s whereabouts.

Now the party head deeper into the Ghostlord’s lair, finding the secret entrance and entering an altogether more sinister place. The temperature drops, and a palpable sense of dread grows. Undaunted the party explore a large chamber filled with a sickly yellow light emanating from the glowing surface of a large pool of mustard-coloured water. Because that’s bound to be a good idea, right?

Sure enough the party find themselves surrounded by undead horrors, clambering up from the pool’s depths and lurching from the shadows…