A couple of questions for you all (part 1 really only for Russell, I suspect).

1. Have any of you played the Ubiquity RPG system, and what are your thoughts? Hollow Earth uses it, as does Desolation. As good as Savage Worlds?

2. Would you be interested in playing a late Victorian steampunk setting for a filler game on occasion? Something along the lines of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic? London 1888, Jack the Ripper, vampires, Jules Verne sky pirate and dastardly foreign chaps with nefarious schemes. There’s a new Ubiquity setting called Leagues of Adventure that I came across at Dragonmeet this year, and I’d be keen to give it a try if you’re interested.

2 Responses to “Ubiquity”

  1. Carl, I wrote a long reply which the internet seems to have lost.

    I will type it again later, but the summary was that I haven’t played Ubiquity, but would like to.

  2. I haven’t played Ubiquity but Hollow Earth Expedition had a good buzz a couple? of years back. From what I read the mechanic involves rolling stat + skill dice with evens being a success. The GM sets the number of successes to achieve a given result. Seems like a simple flexible system to me, but how it works in extended contests (like combat) I don’t. I’d be interested to try it out, it seems like my type of thing.

    I really like the idea of Jules Verne style science fiction in late Victorian London as a setting although I haven’t read the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic. I’d definitely be keen to give this game a try.

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