Next Session: Friday January 6th

Last time I checked there was a war to fight, so for those that are available the Red Hand of Doom campaign is back on this week.

Who can make it?

26 Responses to “Next Session: Friday January 6th”

  1. Our car has broken down and will take minimum 2 weeks to fix :/ We will get a hirecar, but not sure if we have time to pick it up before Friday…will update once I know more.

  2. The Chuckster and I will be there

  3. Its very doubtful that I will have a car, so unless someone is dying for a 90mile detour at midnight when we are done, I cant come. Bugger damn crap fuck shitty car! 😦

  4. If it is OK I would like to come along.

    Stefan, I’m sure you have investigated but some car hire firms will come and collect you and take you to their office to collect a hire car.

  5. Is there a game on tonight? I am going assume so, but please let me know if there isn’t to save me an unecessary drive.

  6. Aye russell. we are getting the car from the garrage today, but its in maidstone so 2 hours away from finchley and I cant be in maidstone untill around 8 anyway…not much luck there. Good thing is that I will be able to have a car next week!

  7. Game on, even if we boardgame. I hear Jules is a no-show, Richard? Jo? Can you make it?

  8. So sorry I didn’t reply anywhere near in time for this week but I wouldnt’ have been able to come anyway. However, I can make next week =)

  9. Sadly I cannot make next week; a long overdue work do is needed.

    Clear the diaries for the week after!

  10. Does this mean that there is no game this week? Not a problem either way but I need to know to plan what I am doing.

    Thanks for the game of Summoner Wars last week. It was like grandmaster level chess, with elves and goblins.

  11. Im still up for something.
    Its Friday the 13th, so would you be up for runnig something Zombie Sean? Or dont we have anywhere to play?

  12. Hmmm maybe – if Jules can host – I got Black Crusade for my Birthday…

  13. Uhhh any chance of playing a slaaneshi psykertype?
    I guess its all down to Jules, so maybe we should text or call him 🙂 I will do that now.

  14. I’ll be in for Friday, Jules permitting.

  15. Stefan, you pervoid. No filthy Slaanesh worshipper for me. I’ll play a nice clean bloodletter of Khorne, thank you.

    As an aside while googling the word Slaanesh to check the spelling I notice that the 10th result for the predictive text was “Slaanesh Cosplay”. That is a disturbing thought. I haven’t clicked on it because it is unlikely to be safe for work and more importantly because I find it impossible to unsee things.

  16. Guys, Jules has kindly agreed to let us play at his house. I could (hestantly) run Black Crusade but I am not at all prepared and havent got my head around the rules yet. We could wing it and do some Character creation and get started on an adventure but I am open to other suggestions…whos in? Russell got any ideas? Whats the consensus?

  17. I also got a text from Jules saying we can play at his house, so thats great news.

    The not so good news is that I wont be able to come because of some very bad news, namely some deaths in immediate family. I dont know when I will be able to come back.

  18. Stefan, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you are able to return to the group soon.

    Sean, I am happy to play Black Crusade. I don’t mind winging it with the rules. As long as the game doesn’t bog down and I get to fire a bolter at Imperial Guard I am fine.

    If you would prefer me to run something I am happy to. As I don’t have much time to prepare it would have to be Savage Worlds Daring tales (of any flavour). I have a couple of Indie RPGs that I would like to try out but after the trouble I had running Primetime adventures I would need a bit more prep time to try and make sure they weren’t terrible.

  19. OK I will try to put something together for Black Crusade tomorrow because I think its going to be a really cool game – Its just difficult to change gears and get it all into my head. i hav been busy with a bunch of other stuff. Bring Savage worlds just in case – and I will be in contact tomorrow as well.

  20. OK, understood. I’m looking forward to playing Black Crusade, but will bring my SW stuff as a back-up.

  21. Good, so its SW or Black Crusade. Ricardo, are you out there m’boy?

  22. I’m out here and around, I’ll be there tonight

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