Next Session: Friday 20th January

We remain on the brink of war. It seems like months ago that Tetsu leaped over the edge of the Wall of Brindol and out into the night to tackle a boulder sneak attack. And that’s becuase it is! Will the rest of the party remain behind the battlements where they’ve been cowering since November 18th? Surely not!

So let’s have a roll call. Who’s in? Who’s out?

13 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 20th January”

  1. Artheon, checking in

  2. Many apologies but I can’t make it. I have an early start on Saturday morning.

  3. I cant come. Going to visit my parents in denmark

  4. Chuck and I are in

  5. Not sure. Have been travelling all week. Get back to London about 6 tonight. If I’m nacked I’m going to have to bail but will post to update you chaps. Reckon the odds of me turning up are currently pretty long.

  6. Hmm, perhaps we might be prepared for a 4-way Summoning Wars again

  7. looks like we are down to Richard, me Chuck and Carl – what say you Carl? I am cool with playing summoner wars again or something else. I could bring Dreadfleet along?

  8. Or should we skip it and wait to have a full house next week?

  9. I got bored at work today and wrote a long post in the section of this site about the news that DnD 5e is in production. I’m sure most of you have more interesting things to read but I wanted to mention it so that you knew it was there (in the unlikely event you were interested).

    I should be able to make next Friday for DnD

  10. Nice post Russell – I did read it and am intersted. GW will be bringing out 6th edition 40k soon and rumours are its going to change the rules drastically and surprise surprise have us use even bigger armies…sigh

    Chuck wants to kill stuff or beat somebody at Summoner wars tonught – like he beat me last nigh (again) So we are definitely in

  11. I am in tonight so we’re on for D&D. I probably won’t be there until much before 8.30 so pls start without me. If I miss the pizza order may I have a large New Yorker please.

  12. RAWR! GAME ON!!!

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