Session Report: Friday 13th January

So what was played last time? Anyone up for writing a quick session report?

5 Responses to “Session Report: Friday 13th January”

  1. I ran Black Crusade for the first time – and I apoolgise now for how rusty I was.

    The party consisted of:
    Ea’ Gul – Charlie’s Chaos Human Psyker
    Jordas – Richards Human Chaos Renegade (weapons and tech fiend)
    Pleased By Suffering – Jules’ Ex Ultramrine and nor Forsaken Nurgle Chaos Space Marine (Jules gets my vote for best RPG Character name I have ever heard)
    and finally…
    Mungraath – Russell’s “so stupid he’d be lovable if he wasn’t a psychopath” Chaos Marine Champion of Khorne

    Our party found themselves individually invited to the Temple of Lies to visit the Mendacious Oracle, who had personally asked them to come along for a good old fashioned fortune telling (hes known for being good at it). They hadn’t known each other until now and I seriously doubt that they will ever grown to like one another…

    The Temple of Lies is quite a site to behold – made from the wreck of the massive star cruiser “Light of Ascension”, which crashed hundreds of years before in a particularly nasty warp storm. It is said that the crew came out of the storm somehow.. changed and that there flesh was twisted and altered by the warp. So the whole palce was made into one big happy temple of Tzeentch!

    Once they arrived and get settled, and faster than you can say “Kill! Maim! Burn!” Mungraath goes and accepts a Challange to duel from another Khornate Disciple….Mugraath dispatched the wouldbe Champion quickly and in a suitably gory manner. They then set off to the Temple of Lies, seeing a swarm of flying Cherubs (Servitor babies) with claws and a mean look on their faces, they couldn’t get to the Temple quick enough. They idle about and browse through the library, where Mungraath finds a sacred Khornate diary that contains 500 pages of the words “BLOOD”which is a bloody good read as far as Mungraath is concerned. They eventually meet the Mendacious Oracle. He then pulled and then something like this happened

    ( cant get that to link so just copy and paste)

  2. I enjoyed this game, and I had fun with my character, I hope he wasn’t too annoying for the other players. I hope we can play Black Crusade again.

    I agree that Jules has raised the bar for character names for the group. I will give mine more thought in future.

    Sean, I have purchased the WordBringer omnibus that you recommended and it is currently speeding to me (by second class post). I am also reading the novel ‘Pawn of Chaos’ that you lent me (ages ago) to get in the mood for future sessions.

    I found it instructive that Richard’s character had by far the worst stats but was the most effective in combat due his ownership of a bolter. Never bring a chainsword to a gunfight.

    • Pawn Of Chaos is a good book – Chuck might want to read it when you are done – and the wordbearer omnibus is just bliss to read if you like Chaos.

      I hope that peopel enjoyed the session – I was worried it was dragging a bit because I was a little unprepared.

      • Sorry, I kept the book for so long I forgot about it. I will return it a week on Friday (as I am not able to make it this week).

  3. no no – take your time – no rush. Charlie got loads to read for christmas

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