Brindol under Seige

The party waste no time, hurling themselves over Brindol’s wall into the darkness to meet the boulder-hurling attackers. Doomsayer Brynn trusts in Pelor’s guiding hand rather than any mundane rope to see him safely down, and is a little put out when he hits the ground face first.

Reaching the hill giants proves quite a challenge, as boulders knock our intrepid heroes from their feet as they struggle across the killing ground to close with their foes. It is fortunate that Habbakuk remains up on the battlements, peppering the enemy with arrows.

At last melee combat is joined, and despite the odd mishap such as Brick getting hit in the guts with a rock, falling in the river and drinking half of it, the enemy eventually fall thanks to a combination of brutal blows and magical trickery. The southern gate has been protected from the hill giant sneak attack. Artheon sends a mage light flare to signal their success.

However the party barely has time to draw breath before they see flames erupt over the city. In moments Lord Jarmaath is in touch via their telepathic link. “A dragon is above the city, torching buildings at will! It must be driven off at all costs!”

Our heroes race to the nearest blazing buildings, where they discover a huge red dragon perched upon a rooftop, laughing horribly as he belches out flames. Panicked Brindol guards dash about, at a loss as what to do counter this terrible creature. The party take control, ordering the troops into a creditable fighting force, whilst ensuring the flames are beaten down wherever possible.

Artheon knocks Abithrax the Red from his perch and the dragon, surprised at the audacity of these puny little meatbags for fighting back, crashes down amongst them spitting fire and filling all around him with debilitating terror. Death to all who dare stand before dread Abithrax!

And yet things don’t work out quite as he plans. The guards, now they are working as a team, do an exceptional job of locking the dragon down, whilst the party dish out staggering amounts of damage. In mere moments the dragon’s hubris turns to panic as he realises he is outclassed and trapped. He rears up just as Habbakuk unleashes two arrows that drive deep into his eye sockets and up into his brain. Abithrax falls.

The party have little time to celebrate their victory however. Lord Jarmaath contacts them again, informing them that the western gate is breached; the enemy are in the city! Brindol troops are holding the main arteries into the city, but are in danger of being overrun along the Dawn Way. Reinforcements are urgently required and so, with their newly acquired followers in tow, the Saviours of Drellin’s Ferry race to the aid of Brindol’s defenders.


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