Holding the line; The fall of Tetsu

The party reach the barricades, bolstering the meagre defensive force with their own strength of arms and that of their heroic minions. Apocalypsia joins the group, having had her fill of looting the unguarded city.

And just in time; within moments wave after wave of shrieking goblin fanatics come swarming down the street, threatening to overrun the defenders by sheer weight of numbers. That is until Habbakuk flicks the Full Auto switch on his longbow, and proceeds to mow down whole swathes of foes should they dare to approach him.

More enemies join the battle, and the bodies pile up as our heroes cut a bloody path through their ranks. Goblinoids die by the score as the Saviours turn back the tide.

Then two manticores tear one of the guards to shreds. Tetsu, racing to strike down the creatures, underestimates the danger and is cut down in an instant by a brutal three-way attack from two manticores and a Doom Hand Cleric. The enemy, though beaten back, have exacted a high price; with his guts being carried off in a manticore’s maw Tetsu breathes his last.

The party have little time to mourn their fallen comrade; even as they regroup at the barricade the sounds of a fresh wave of Red Hand troops approaching can be heard…


4 Responses to “Holding the line; The fall of Tetsu”

  1. I thought Spitting Cobra Stance seemed broken, so I checked the power. It’s an Immediate Interrupt, meaning it can only be used ONCE PER ROUND! No more machine gun for Habbakuk I’m afraid!

  2. How dare they slay our noble friend, Tetsu! Impudence markers for them all!

  3. Apocalypsia says ‘R.I.P Sucker’ xxx

  4. 🙂 And she’s back 🙂

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