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Next Session: Friday 2nd March

Posted in General on February 29, 2012 by Carl

Wyrmlord-General Kharn approaches! The Red Hand hordes are closing in! It’s squeaky bum time and no mistake.

QUESTION 1: Who will be recklessly (not to mention stupidly) standing against overwhelming odds at my place this Friday?

Depending on how it goes this is likely to be the last session in this chapter of the campaign, and a suitable place to take a break. I could use a change, and I’m sure you could too. We’ve been running the RHoD campaign pretty much non-stop since last May! I’m not around on the 9th I’m afraid, but should be good for the following week.

QUESTION 2: What next? Does anyone particularly fancy running something? Do you have a preference of what you’d like to play? Do you want to switch to boardgames for a while or stick to RPGs?

Into the Sniper’s Nest

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on February 25, 2012 by Carl

The party race into Cathedral Square to find a scene of utter chaos. Norro Wiston dashes towards them only for an arrow to plunge through his skull from above, killing him instantly. Poindexter points up at the sky, saying “Is that an arr—“ moments before an arrow plunges into his eye. As the party approach a knot of panicked soldiers they discover the cause of the disorder; Lord Jarmaath has been felled by an assassin’s poisoned arrow, and only swift work by the party’s healers keeps him from dying there and then. Only an antidote will save him now, and only one person will have that antidote; the assassin.

With Jarmaath dragged to the temporary safety of the cathedral the party identify the sniper’s nest (Doomsayer Bryn stands in the middle of the square shouting “Smite me, Pelor!” until they spot where the arrows are coming from), an undertaker’s shop on the far side of the square. They move in swiftly, Bryn commandeering a rather nervous group of guards along the way. At first however the place seems deserted; Bryn enters with his troops and begins searching coffins for the inevitable undead hordes, but is surprised to find nothing. Outside the shop the remainder of the party search in vain for another way in.

Bryn decides to head upstairs, blundering into caltrops on the stairs and narrowly avoiding a ricochet trick shot arrow. At this point two hobgoblin warchanters cast off their invisibility spells and lay about them with lightning lances. Habbakuk takes a pounding, and within seconds the Brindol guards are smoking piles of charred flesh. Everyone runs away, leaving Bryn alone upstairs with the Red Hand’s deadliest assassin.

Artheon calls forth his golden lion and re-enters the building. In an attempt to appoint (that’s the opposite of disappoint) Jo the DM draws a gay triceratops. Er’keon, having boasted of his uber-munchkin prowess, bumbles about warning that he’s about to do something. Apocalypsia snipes at the hobgoblins through a window whilst Bryn holds his ground upstairs, waiting for the assassin Skather to make his move.

The hobgoblins prove tricky customers, teleporting about the place, but they fall soon enough. Er’keon races up the stairs and straight into the caltrops, re-establishing his munchkin kudos (“Do Devas get +1 Reflex vs bloodied caltrops?”), and the party make their move on Skather.

They discover that slippery assassin has fled onto the Brindol rooftops. As Bryn makes a spectacular slow motion leap to the adjacent building to pursue the assassin, his foe fires an arrow at a crate in the building behind him. The crate explodes, throwing Artheon out of the upper storey window an into a pavement faceplant.

Now the chase is on; the party, complete with golden lion, race over the rooftops, making daring leaps, ducking under clotheslines, clambering through narrow shortcuts and over burning rooftops whilst taking potshots at the fleeing assassin. During the course of this pursuit the D&D skills system is abused to a point that would have the game designers weeping into their beards (“Apocalypsia is going to Bluff herself into believing she can make this leap”).

Skather almost makes his getaway, but two arrows in the back finally put him down. The antidote is retrieved, and the party race back to the cathedral to administer it to Lord Jarmaath.

(and here’s the bit I missed at the end…whoops!)

The party hand Priestess Goldenbrow the antidote, but as they stand on the cathedral steps they hear the sound of the hobgoblin wardrums redouble. A small band of battle-weary soldiers, led by Captain Lars Ulverth on horseback, race into Cathedral Square.

“Form ranks!” cries Captain Ulverth to the bleeding and beleaguered troops. “They are coming! The Red Hand are coming! And Wyrmlord-General Kharn himself is at their head!”

CASE FILE XB300-Erk’eon

Posted in Characters on February 25, 2012 by Carl

Brief introduction to Devas. Devas are immortal souls who have left heaven for [Censured] some long forgotten reason, now to reside in a demihuman body. When they die they are reincarnated somewhere sacred as full adults, with only faint memories of their former lives. They are usually solitary loners, walking among the other races to fulfil whatever goals they have.


Age of the grey stallion, day 1

You do not have clearance to read this section.


Age of the silver wombat, day 1973

Erk’eon is a member of a small covenant of 5 Devas who meet up about once every decade or so to discuss how work in their common goal progresses. Their common goal being nothing less than world wide peace among all living creatures. To delve deeper in to the mad plans of these arrogant lesser beings please refer to “CASE FILE VR198-Covenant of eternal unity”.

We have had Erk’eon under closer scrutiny for several millennia now. Since he joined the Covenant of Eternal Unity (please refer to separate CASE FILE) he has become a leading scholar on theocracy and divinities in 4 different incarnations, and we can only be content that his current incarnation hasnt found the link to his previous works. His current incarnation is under the delusion that the Gods (good as evil) are the direct cause of all strife in the mortal world, and if he can broker an unlikely peace between the gods he will end conflicts and wars.

We have taken steps (see “CASE FILE XA299-Erk’eon” and “CASE FILE XA-300-Erk’Eon”) and instructed Pelor to make him a saint. This should prevent him from outright war on heaven and sow confusion and doubt in his own mind. Preliminary reports tells us that the plan is fully functional and Erk’eon has taken up the mantle and started to seek out undead infested shrines to find out more of Pelors Prophesies. This should keep him far away from the holy temples where he might encounter some of his older scriptures.

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2401

A lesser agent revealed itself to Erk’eon yesterday. We have yet to discover who sent it, but a higher divinity was involved. It sent Erk’eon on a fools errand to an old abandoned shrine, agents tells us the shrine site is empty. We do not yet know why he has been sent there.

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2403

Someone has screwed up! The shrine was not abandoned but occupied by a hobgoblin priest performing rituals to Tiamat. Upon seeing Erk’eon the goblin congregation drew weapons and charged. We might have a problem as the Sainthood posed upon him seems to have granted him unforeseen powers. He slew them all and desecrated the temple. More info can be found in “CASE FILE FFS974-Where the fuck did those goblins come from”

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2410

Assets dispatched to assassinate the troublesome Erk’eon whom might have cost me my promotion, those goblins still had work to do!

-Watcher XX8


Age of the Silver Wombat, day 2411

Watcher XX8 dismissed from Erk’eon case. Case closed and dominion over fate of Erk’eon granted to [censured], may the gods protect him.

-Arch-Angel Gordiar


3 weeks ago

A bit of dead zombie hangs off the mace still as Erk’eon tries to put it away, but he is far too busy observing the small alter in front of him. He wonders why this alter to a sun god has been stowed away so deep in a cellar, and shakes the zombie skin off his shining weapon. It seems there is a scroll tucked away in one of the recesses. He shakes the dead spiders off, unrolls and reads. This is what he reads:

Age of the grey stalion, the third of days

And then thou foundesth me oh Erk’eon, and long hath I thee awaited. Thine quest is nigh end and thine brother in knowing Artheon awaits. Findesth thine way to Brindol. There to make the peace as it is fitting. Knowesth that not all is…

The rest of the scroll has been eaten by rats

Then Erk’eon sets out and rides towards Brindol.

Next Session: Friday 24th February

Posted in General on February 19, 2012 by Carl

Sean and Charlie will be busy chilling to the mellifluous tones of Rammstien this Friday, but hopefully we’ll still have sufficient headcount. Last time I checked Jo and Richard were in. Russell? Stefan? Jules? Who’s up for finding out what caused Lord Jarmaath to say “–aarrgghh!”?

Next session: Friday 10th February

Posted in General on February 8, 2012 by Carl

The bad guys have been held back, our heroes have been fully healed but now it seems the Lord of Brindol is down. Downer. Will the party’s next actions be wise, considered and well within their abilities? What do you think?

Who’s in for more mindless violence at my place?

Holding the Line; You Shall Not Pass!

Posted in Session Reports: SRaO on February 4, 2012 by Carl

The party regroup, and as they do so a deva approaches on horseback, gleaming like the rising sun. Artheon is delighted to see it is his brother, Er’theon.

“Success my brother! I’ve ended all war!” the saint of Pelor beams, just as a fresh horde of bloodthirsty bugbears and goblins come dancing and hand-springing down the street, to a finger cymbal accompaniment. Their leader, the scimitar-twirling Valsath, approaches to the jubilant chanting of his followers. Despite Er’theon’s protestations that he has a scroll proving such hostilities are no longer possible, battle commences.

The display of uber-munchkin powers that follows is a sight to behold. The ever-faithful Come and Get it/ Hypnotic Pattern combo has the enemy reduced to bumping into one another and falling over, whilst Er’theon proves that Thovar’s damage output can not only be bested, but put to shame. Though Valsath and his bloodghost hunters and wardancers make a brave effort, they are swiftly cut to pieces.

Next doomfist monks, warg riders and an ogre try their luck, but once again they are no match for the Saviours. Though nearly all of the Brindol guards fall, the line is held, with just one solitary goblin breaking through. A cheer goes up as word comes through from Lord Jarmaath that their work on the line is done. The enemy have fallen back to regroup and the defenders are now regrouping themselves at the Temple of Pelor.

The party race through the darkened streets of the war-torn city, finally reaching the temple-turned-field hospital. Tredora Goldenbrow approaches, and drawing upon every last resource, here in her place of power she fills the Temple with the blessed light of Pelor. The battle-weary party, so near exhaustion mere moments before now find themselves miraculously unscathed, restored to full health and vigour. Tredora slumps to the ground, utterly drained.

Once again the words of Lord Jarmaath are heard via the party’s telepathic link:

“Join me outside at once in Cathedral Square, heroes. We must discuss the next steps in the defense of the –aarrgghh!” And with that the Lord of Brindol’s voice falls ominously silent…

Next Session: Friday 3rd February

Posted in General on February 1, 2012 by Carl

That line’s not going to hold itself. Who’s in for some more last-ditch defending of civilisation from the dread hordes of evil?