Holding the Line; You Shall Not Pass!

The party regroup, and as they do so a deva approaches on horseback, gleaming like the rising sun. Artheon is delighted to see it is his brother, Er’theon.

“Success my brother! I’ve ended all war!” the saint of Pelor beams, just as a fresh horde of bloodthirsty bugbears and goblins come dancing and hand-springing down the street, to a finger cymbal accompaniment. Their leader, the scimitar-twirling Valsath, approaches to the jubilant chanting of his followers. Despite Er’theon’s protestations that he has a scroll proving such hostilities are no longer possible, battle commences.

The display of uber-munchkin powers that follows is a sight to behold. The ever-faithful Come and Get it/ Hypnotic Pattern combo has the enemy reduced to bumping into one another and falling over, whilst Er’theon proves that Thovar’s damage output can not only be bested, but put to shame. Though Valsath and his bloodghost hunters and wardancers make a brave effort, they are swiftly cut to pieces.

Next doomfist monks, warg riders and an ogre try their luck, but once again they are no match for the Saviours. Though nearly all of the Brindol guards fall, the line is held, with just one solitary goblin breaking through. A cheer goes up as word comes through from Lord Jarmaath that their work on the line is done. The enemy have fallen back to regroup and the defenders are now regrouping themselves at the Temple of Pelor.

The party race through the darkened streets of the war-torn city, finally reaching the temple-turned-field hospital. Tredora Goldenbrow approaches, and drawing upon every last resource, here in her place of power she fills the Temple with the blessed light of Pelor. The battle-weary party, so near exhaustion mere moments before now find themselves miraculously unscathed, restored to full health and vigour. Tredora slumps to the ground, utterly drained.

Once again the words of Lord Jarmaath are heard via the party’s telepathic link:

“Join me outside at once in Cathedral Square, heroes. We must discuss the next steps in the defense of the –aarrgghh!” And with that the Lord of Brindol’s voice falls ominously silent…

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