Next session: Friday 10th February

The bad guys have been held back, our heroes have been fully healed but now it seems the Lord of Brindol is down. Downer. Will the party’s next actions be wise, considered and well within their abilities? What do you think?

Who’s in for more mindless violence at my place?

11 Responses to “Next session: Friday 10th February”

  1. Erk’eon looks around at all the wounded…”go ahead mortals, win your war. I will stay and help the wounded”

    I am out, going to see cirque de solei! Wohoo!

  2. I will do my best to be there (there is about a 75% chance I can make it). I have to be in central London in the late afternoon, but I hope to be back in time.

  3. Artheon looks critically at Erk’eon…. ‘I shall remain here and aid the wounded from Erk’eon’

    I’m out =(

  4. 2.75 down.,.Chuck and I can make it. By the way we can’t make the 24th and we might also be out next week due to half term in-laws visitation duties.

  5. Habbakuk looks suspiciously at the two purple people who are staying behind and decides he too will stay behind and keep an eagle eye on the shifty buggers.

    I’m out too =(

  6. Carl, is three enough? Is the game on tonight?

  7. I guess you decided that 3 defenders probably wasnt enough to kill the big bad end guy?

    • No, Brother Bryn was happy to face the onslaught with a little help from Pelor, but Carl cancelled the session.

      Unfortunately I can’t make it this week but I’m sure Erk’eon & Artheon can take on the entire invasion force between them.

  8. Apologies all, I’m afraid I can’t make this coming Friday due to Sam inconsiderately having a birthday dinner.

  9. I’m also afraid I can’t make this coming Friday either, but I’ll be there next week

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