Next Session: Friday 24th February

Sean and Charlie will be busy chilling to the mellifluous tones of Rammstien this Friday, but hopefully we’ll still have sufficient headcount. Last time I checked Jo and Richard were in. Russell? Stefan? Jules? Who’s up for finding out what caused Lord Jarmaath to say “–aarrgghh!”?

15 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 24th February”

  1. Erk’eon is on his way over to check on the wounded, but then he hears the sound of sun-rays outside… sod the wounded mortals, he HAS to check that out!

    (Im in)

  2. Have fun defending the stormed castle

  3. No teutonic shouty-metal for me. Habakkuk feels that even with the GM nerfing his best ability there is plenty of sport to be had peppering this hobgog rabble with unerring (well, mostly) arrows. I’m in. 🙂

  4. Health permitting I will be there.

  5. With some (hopefully) hordes of munchkins attacking, Artheon feels it is best for his powers to shine and run amok with the GM’s carefully laid plans.

  6. Balls. Kathrynne is out on Friday night so I can join in if everyone can decamp to my house. If you’d rather be at Carl’s then Habbakuk will have to sit this one out. Like I said; balls.

  7. Damn damn damn, Sam is out on Friday night too. Accursed wives and their social gallivanting!

  8. Stefan, are you able to bring your laptop on Friday? Mine has died and I’m now hopelessly dependant on technology to run a game since my brain atrophied and was placed in a memorial display case at the age of 40.

  9. So what’s happening now? Are we a Carl’s? and am I right in thinking that if we are playing on Friday we going into final battle truly Stupid, Reckless and Overwhelmed with only half the players? (and isn’t stefan’s character dead? Apolocypsia does not do carrying around corpses)…. :-s xxx

  10. Will bring laptop…will try and get off work earlier so you have time to setup the combat manager to your liking

    tetsu is dead…but you cant get rid of me THAT easyli. I am now playing erk’eon the saint of pelor, immortal of the heavens, seeker of peace and munchkin extraordinaire!

  11. MayI just check that the DnD is on tonight at Carl’s house? From reading these posts I understand that there are 4 players + 1 GM so hopefully that is enough for the final encounter.

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