CASE FILE XB300-Erk’eon

Brief introduction to Devas. Devas are immortal souls who have left heaven for [Censured] some long forgotten reason, now to reside in a demihuman body. When they die they are reincarnated somewhere sacred as full adults, with only faint memories of their former lives. They are usually solitary loners, walking among the other races to fulfil whatever goals they have.


Age of the grey stallion, day 1

You do not have clearance to read this section.


Age of the silver wombat, day 1973

Erk’eon is a member of a small covenant of 5 Devas who meet up about once every decade or so to discuss how work in their common goal progresses. Their common goal being nothing less than world wide peace among all living creatures. To delve deeper in to the mad plans of these arrogant lesser beings please refer to “CASE FILE VR198-Covenant of eternal unity”.

We have had Erk’eon under closer scrutiny for several millennia now. Since he joined the Covenant of Eternal Unity (please refer to separate CASE FILE) he has become a leading scholar on theocracy and divinities in 4 different incarnations, and we can only be content that his current incarnation hasnt found the link to his previous works. His current incarnation is under the delusion that the Gods (good as evil) are the direct cause of all strife in the mortal world, and if he can broker an unlikely peace between the gods he will end conflicts and wars.

We have taken steps (see “CASE FILE XA299-Erk’eon” and “CASE FILE XA-300-Erk’Eon”) and instructed Pelor to make him a saint. This should prevent him from outright war on heaven and sow confusion and doubt in his own mind. Preliminary reports tells us that the plan is fully functional and Erk’eon has taken up the mantle and started to seek out undead infested shrines to find out more of Pelors Prophesies. This should keep him far away from the holy temples where he might encounter some of his older scriptures.

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2401

A lesser agent revealed itself to Erk’eon yesterday. We have yet to discover who sent it, but a higher divinity was involved. It sent Erk’eon on a fools errand to an old abandoned shrine, agents tells us the shrine site is empty. We do not yet know why he has been sent there.

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2403

Someone has screwed up! The shrine was not abandoned but occupied by a hobgoblin priest performing rituals to Tiamat. Upon seeing Erk’eon the goblin congregation drew weapons and charged. We might have a problem as the Sainthood posed upon him seems to have granted him unforeseen powers. He slew them all and desecrated the temple. More info can be found in “CASE FILE FFS974-Where the fuck did those goblins come from”

-Watcher XX8


Age of the silver wombat, day 2410

Assets dispatched to assassinate the troublesome Erk’eon whom might have cost me my promotion, those goblins still had work to do!

-Watcher XX8


Age of the Silver Wombat, day 2411

Watcher XX8 dismissed from Erk’eon case. Case closed and dominion over fate of Erk’eon granted to [censured], may the gods protect him.

-Arch-Angel Gordiar


3 weeks ago

A bit of dead zombie hangs off the mace still as Erk’eon tries to put it away, but he is far too busy observing the small alter in front of him. He wonders why this alter to a sun god has been stowed away so deep in a cellar, and shakes the zombie skin off his shining weapon. It seems there is a scroll tucked away in one of the recesses. He shakes the dead spiders off, unrolls and reads. This is what he reads:

Age of the grey stalion, the third of days

And then thou foundesth me oh Erk’eon, and long hath I thee awaited. Thine quest is nigh end and thine brother in knowing Artheon awaits. Findesth thine way to Brindol. There to make the peace as it is fitting. Knowesth that not all is…

The rest of the scroll has been eaten by rats

Then Erk’eon sets out and rides towards Brindol.


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