Into the Sniper’s Nest

The party race into Cathedral Square to find a scene of utter chaos. Norro Wiston dashes towards them only for an arrow to plunge through his skull from above, killing him instantly. Poindexter points up at the sky, saying “Is that an arr—“ moments before an arrow plunges into his eye. As the party approach a knot of panicked soldiers they discover the cause of the disorder; Lord Jarmaath has been felled by an assassin’s poisoned arrow, and only swift work by the party’s healers keeps him from dying there and then. Only an antidote will save him now, and only one person will have that antidote; the assassin.

With Jarmaath dragged to the temporary safety of the cathedral the party identify the sniper’s nest (Doomsayer Bryn stands in the middle of the square shouting “Smite me, Pelor!” until they spot where the arrows are coming from), an undertaker’s shop on the far side of the square. They move in swiftly, Bryn commandeering a rather nervous group of guards along the way. At first however the place seems deserted; Bryn enters with his troops and begins searching coffins for the inevitable undead hordes, but is surprised to find nothing. Outside the shop the remainder of the party search in vain for another way in.

Bryn decides to head upstairs, blundering into caltrops on the stairs and narrowly avoiding a ricochet trick shot arrow. At this point two hobgoblin warchanters cast off their invisibility spells and lay about them with lightning lances. Habbakuk takes a pounding, and within seconds the Brindol guards are smoking piles of charred flesh. Everyone runs away, leaving Bryn alone upstairs with the Red Hand’s deadliest assassin.

Artheon calls forth his golden lion and re-enters the building. In an attempt to appoint (that’s the opposite of disappoint) Jo the DM draws a gay triceratops. Er’keon, having boasted of his uber-munchkin prowess, bumbles about warning that he’s about to do something. Apocalypsia snipes at the hobgoblins through a window whilst Bryn holds his ground upstairs, waiting for the assassin Skather to make his move.

The hobgoblins prove tricky customers, teleporting about the place, but they fall soon enough. Er’keon races up the stairs and straight into the caltrops, re-establishing his munchkin kudos (“Do Devas get +1 Reflex vs bloodied caltrops?”), and the party make their move on Skather.

They discover that slippery assassin has fled onto the Brindol rooftops. As Bryn makes a spectacular slow motion leap to the adjacent building to pursue the assassin, his foe fires an arrow at a crate in the building behind him. The crate explodes, throwing Artheon out of the upper storey window an into a pavement faceplant.

Now the chase is on; the party, complete with golden lion, race over the rooftops, making daring leaps, ducking under clotheslines, clambering through narrow shortcuts and over burning rooftops whilst taking potshots at the fleeing assassin. During the course of this pursuit the D&D skills system is abused to a point that would have the game designers weeping into their beards (“Apocalypsia is going to Bluff herself into believing she can make this leap”).

Skather almost makes his getaway, but two arrows in the back finally put him down. The antidote is retrieved, and the party race back to the cathedral to administer it to Lord Jarmaath.

(and here’s the bit I missed at the end…whoops!)

The party hand Priestess Goldenbrow the antidote, but as they stand on the cathedral steps they hear the sound of the hobgoblin wardrums redouble. A small band of battle-weary soldiers, led by Captain Lars Ulverth on horseback, race into Cathedral Square.

“Form ranks!” cries Captain Ulverth to the bleeding and beleaguered troops. “They are coming! The Red Hand are coming! And Wyrmlord-General Kharn himself is at their head!”

6 Responses to “Into the Sniper’s Nest”

  1. How could the caltrops Not be bloodied after piercing Bryns foot! Such an unfair GM :p
    On the other hand I guess I granted CA against them because they were hidden. I hope Bryns fanatasism is not a blood transfered disease.

    • “Do Devas get +1 Reflex vs bloodied caltrops?”

      Good work. Queries like these keep the GM on the back foot and make him forget about stuff like remindiing me to take my ongoing damage.

  2. Everyone takes 20 ongoing damage for the rest of the – ooh, shiny!

  3. Carl, I’ve been getting a bit bored with Brother Bryn(mechanically, not from an RP point of view) and I have been thinking of changing.

    Is next session the last in the current series? If so I won’t bother. If we are continuing to play beyond the sack of Brindol then I was thinking of either:

    Changing Brother Bryn to be an Essentials Cleric (Warpriest) and therefore be more of a healer / support character rather than a defender, which the party really don’t need three of.
    Or starting a new character, maybe a nice basic Essentials Slayer Fighter.

    What do you think? Is either option OK?

  4. Russell, under no circumstances may Bryn be replaced with a new character. Friday night just would not be the same without regular cries of “Thank you Pelor!” as I push you into spiked pits or drop boulders and boiling oil on your head.

    I have no objection to a mechanical change however. An Essentials cleric sounds fine. Do you want to create him or would you like me to?

    As for the campaign, see the next post…

    • Russell Says:

      That’s great. I’d quite like to make the character myself. I don’t have a DnD Insider subscription but I can do it the old fashioned way with pen and paper. If necessary (i.e. so you can check my maths) you could input it into the character builder later.

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