Next Session: Friday 2nd March

Wyrmlord-General Kharn approaches! The Red Hand hordes are closing in! It’s squeaky bum time and no mistake.

QUESTION 1: Who will be recklessly (not to mention stupidly) standing against overwhelming odds at my place this Friday?

Depending on how it goes this is likely to be the last session in this chapter of the campaign, and a suitable place to take a break. I could use a change, and I’m sure you could too. We’ve been running the RHoD campaign pretty much non-stop since last May! I’m not around on the 9th I’m afraid, but should be good for the following week.

QUESTION 2: What next? Does anyone particularly fancy running something? Do you have a preference of what you’d like to play? Do you want to switch to boardgames for a while or stick to RPGs?

15 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 2nd March”

  1. I’m keen to take a break from DMing for a bit.

    I have a definite soft spot for Daring Tales shenanigans, but I’m pretty happy playing anything you guys come up with.

    I also have a new board game, Betrayal at House on the Hill, that I’m keen to try out, and which plays best with 5 or 6. A sort of haunted house exploration horror game with a twist. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Noooooooooo!
    I cannot make it this Friday. A POX upon the guests I need to entertain!

    As for stuff to do next, I am not in a state to run anything for the next month or so is my estimate (also depending on when sean has a tank for me ;))
    I am very much up for a few board game weeks, and if we have openings my wife may be pursuaded to join in as well.

  3. Russell Says:

    I should be able to make it, I am looking forward to the big finale.

    As to future sessions I am happy to play a week or a few of board games if that is the consensus but my personal preference is for roleplaying.

    I’d be glad to run some more Daring Tales of Adventure / the Space Lanes. I also have a game called Agon which I’d be keen to try. The characters are heroes in ancient Greece trying to carry out the whims of their divine patron while competing with the other characters to gain the most glory. I’ve been writing a few scenarios for this as my rainy day project.

    I also don’t mind playing something else if the group prefers.

  4. Review here:

    Sold sold sold. I want to play this. Theme, mechanics, minor competitive element. Absolutely my cup of tea.

  5. Bugger. Can’t make it this friday. Please don’t kill her off out of spite!!! xxx

  6. I’ll be there about 8.30. Can’t believe Habbakuk took a “pounding” last week. Isn’t it clear by now he stays away from the bad guys? Very happy with the sound of AGON. Right up my fundament that one. Me loves me Greek stuff, me does.

    I would be like to run a small scale skirmish wargame based on the riots in London this year (or Len McCluskey-inspired Olympic riots!) with protesters, thugs, looters, riot police and vigilantes. Different players take different factions each with their own win conditions and control a dozen or so minis. Not sure if anyone has the appetite for wargaming rather than RPGs or board games so will desist if no-one fancies it. In any event it’ll take a few weeks to get the scenery and the minis together.

    See you later for Big Bad Boss killin’ (or TPK, whatever). NO pizza for me please in case you order before I arrive.

    • Russell Says:

      I’d be happy to have a go at the wargame you describe. Put me down for the riot police, I don’t care how many negative victory points I get those peaceful protestors are eating water cannon.

      My only problem with wargaming in general is that most of the play time is taken up with rules arguments as ‘that’ player desperately trys to find a reason why his men aren’t dead.

      As to Habbakuk, I found that his starting hp were 3 more than Brother Bryn. I think he should stop hiding at the back.

      • Unlike Fra. Bryn, Habbaukuk is not weighed down under barely-repressed masochistic auto-erotic tendencies. So although the paladin might enjoy the experience of taking a “pounding”, Habbakuk does not.

        As for the riot game, I may use No Go Zone or probably just homebrew it. In either event, it’ll be a really simple mechanism – there will be so few rules that arguments will be hard to make…

  7. I’ll be in this week, see you there for the finale =)

  8. Russell Says:

    “the paladin might enjoy the experience of taking a “pounding””

    Evil contains the seeds of its own destruction. By inflicting pain on us it teaches us to endure and therefore makes us better able to resist it. Therefore pain is the path to victory. Every time we suffer pain and overcome it we should give thanks for to Pelor for sharing his divine spark with us. Any joy Brother Bryn feels at being hit is only the knowledge that it is bringing defeat of evil in the final battle one tiny increment closer. Any erection is purely circumstantial.

  9. Best. Line. Ever.

  10. Sean and Charlie Says:

    We will be here. Also, (I,Charlie) have conjured up a brutal plan. When/if Thovar dies I will make a new character, I will give this new character an ability to summon a creature under my control (if such one exists) This creature will be some sort of giant insect. I will then roll a 20 and command my insect to rape one of the party.

  11. on a 20…thats some “crit”ter you would have then :p

  12. Russell Says:

    Great game on Friday. The Red Hand of Doom are defeated, their leaders killed and the army scattered. Well played SR&O. My vote for most valuable character goes to our Deva wizard who fought most of the enemy army while the rest of us were vainly hacking away at the Wormlord General with his mountain of hp.

    I just wanted to summarise our discussion on Friday regarding the next games. I understand that it is OK for me to run Agon for a few weeks, however this week as Carl isn’t available we are Jules’ house and it was suggested we play Call of Cthulhu as a one off.

    I have been looking for Call of Cthulhu scenarios and there aren’t that many that can be played in 3-4 hours. However I have found an interesting one for Trail of Cthulhu (identical premise and background to Call of Cthulhu, with different mechanics). I’d like to give it a try, are people willing to play it? In the interests of full disclosure it is mainly investigation and RP with no combat and frankly very little chance that the characters will have a good ending. If everyone would prefer to do something else I won’t be offended, but please let me know before Friday.

  13. Huzzaa! Stupid Reckless and Well Matched?

    I wont be around this Friday as my Mum enters the country tomorrow and sticks around till Monday. Next week should be fine however.

    I am absolutely in love with Agon (I might occidentally have gotten hold of the rules) it looks like a really good Heroic system. I am 100% up for playing that for a couple of weeks or 8 🙂

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