The Red Hand pour into Cathedral Square, crashing into the meagre defensive lines. Striding through the combatants the party see the imposing figure of Wyrmlord-General Kharn, flanked by Wyrmlords Koth and Stormcaller, grinning at them.

“So these are the scum who have given my forces so many problems?” He scoffs. “I shall relish the taste of your blood!”

Battle is joined; Stormcaller’s ability to call down lightning that swaps combatants proves an enormous tactical advantage, and within instants Kharn is giving Habbakuk yet another pounding, while Artheon finds himself isolated amidst a small army of foes. Things have not started well.

Kharn proves a deadly foe, laying about him with furious blows of his mace and dishing out some significant punishment. Heroes fall, and all is beginning to look grim.

What happens next might be considered divine intervention. Is Pelor looking over our heroes? Or have the players finally had a proper look at their character sheets and realised they can do all sorts of cool things they never noticed before? Either way the timing is good; dying heroes feel the healing radiance of the sun god, and the battle turns once more as the golden lions join the fray.

Regardless, things remain on a knife edge. The three Wyrmlords are proving a devilishly tricky set of foes, and it is only due to a combination of formidable blows that a raging Kharn finally falls. The party turn their attentions on the tricky Stormcaller, only for Kharn to rise once again, his fanatical rage keeping him clinging to life, intent upon carrying out the will of Azzar Kull.

Eventually Habbakuk’s arrows put the gigantic hobgoblin down once again. Koth falls soon after, and despite a desperate attempt to flee in the claws of her zombie dragon, Ulwai Stormcaller is also cut down.

A wave of horror ripples through the Red Hand army. Their greatest leaders have been slaughtered by the mighty Saviours. The monster horde breaks and runs, the cheering Brindol guard at their heels. Against the most overwhelming of odds the city is saved!

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