Trail of Cthulhu

How did it go? Were you all left gibbering insane wrecks? More so than usual, I mean.

If someone puts together a session report as a comment to this post, I’ll paste it in here.

2 Responses to “Trail of Cthulhu”

  1. garble garble, Cthulluu phtang?

  2. Sorry for not replying earlier. I will try to write a session report when I get a minute, unfortunately I am busy at work at the moment.
    I really enjoyed the game.

    The characters had taken jobs at St Margret’s boarding school for girls, located on a remote Scottish island. They were hunting for aquaintances who had gone missing while working at the school.

    No characters went permanently mad, but Jules character did lose it long enough to burn down the school (but he was only thinking of the children).

    The characters were:
    Oswald Gibson, hard working, working class biologist taking the post of biology teacher/ caretakers assistant – played by Jules
    Michael Cromwell, world class psychoanalyst, and smug git, taking the job of English teacher? – played by Charlie
    Henrich Strauss,impecunious upper class parapsychologist and talented muscian taking the post of music teacher? – played by Sean

    More to follow

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