Next Session: Friday 16th March

Game on at my place on Friday. Russell will be running the show, as we channel Jason and the Argonauts for our first session of Agon.

Anyone not attending will be fed to the Clazomenean boar, by Hera. You have been warned.


14 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 16th March”

  1. We are in and its Charlie’s birthday as well!

  2. I can still make it as well. I am looking forward to running this. I am planning to run one of the adventures from the games website for the first session, has anyone read it? Not a problem if you have as I have prepared a few of my own, but the official one is just better.

    While I hope you can all make it to win Glory for your Name, Carl plus Sean & Charlie is a viable game and so I will plan that the session is going ahead.

    Oh and happy birthday Charlie.

  3. I’ve not read it. I do have two characters partially prepped though. Great-Spirited Ampelios, silver-tongued son of Odysseus, and Strong-Limbed Jennicles, built-like-a-brick-outhouse daughter of Heracles. I can play either depending on the make-up of the rest of the party.

  4. Should be available tonight. Russell, what steer can you give to setting? Is it Bronze-age/Mycenean/Heroic Age or later, say Troy or later still say Persian Wars?

    Happy birthday Karlioles!

    • It is set 3000 years ago. You are heroes returning from the war against Illium. You want to get home but the gods have other ideas, and you find yourself carrying out their wishes. This is does however give you the opportunity to win glory for yourself, and glory is what you want most of all. You all know that the length of your life is set by the Fates, the only way to ensure your immortality is by building up your legend so that future generations remember you. Will you die a good death in battle with your deeds told for a hundred generations or will you be unremembered and unmourned.

      In answer to your question it meant to be the Greece of the Odyssey i.e. immediately after the Trojan war. Obviously this is a Greece that never was with beasts, gods and monsters so don’t worry too much about historical accuracy (I wont), but I welcome any details for colour you want to provide.

  5. Oh, and if anyone has a few minatures to use for the heroes that would be cool. I have a few but they aren’t that appropriate (they are Roman not Greek)

    • I’ve got some hoplites and a few others which aren’t painted. Shout if you have a character concept and I’ll check if i have something suitable.

  6. I’m in for tonight, looking forward to it, looks like a really good setting.

  7. Was planning to come but now have an annoying 5am start in morning so guess I’m being fed to Clazomenean boar – a girl needs her beauty sleep (an this girl needs A LOT of beauty sleep!) xxx

  8. Are we playing tomorrow?

  9. Yes I hope so. All depends on Mr Bannister whether we plunge back into heroic greece or do summat else.

  10. Yes, I can make it tomorrow. I am happy to run Agon again if people are willing to play it.

  11. Yes, I can make it tomorrow. I am happy to run Agon again if people are willing to play it. [Posted again this time getting my e-mail address correct]

  12. I’m afraid I am out, on my weekend stints of work for the next 3 sessions.

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