Next Session: 23rd March

Apologies, thoroughly slack web mastering this week.

Russell is raring to go, and mighty Ampelios is all set to gather his bickering minions about him once more. Join me my lackeys, for an evening of ancient Grecian willy wagging.

Who’s in? Willies are not an entrance requirement.

4 Responses to “Next Session: 23rd March”

  1. Very much in 🙂

  2. Mighty-thewed Procrustes stands poised to destroy the witch of Hecate in the Emporean Swamp. The band of lesser mortals may watch.

    I’m in around 8.30. No pizza for me but pls don’t wait for me if you are all there and I’m not.

    • Was in but just had phonecall to say I now have a 4am start tomorrow morning so I’m now out!

      … er … enjoy your Grecian willy wagging.


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