Next Session: Friday 30th March

We’ve got the horn! And there’s a temple full of wanton ex-virgins to see to. Who’s in?

11 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 30th March”

  1. I can make it.

    After defeating the evil sorceress Menae in ways the scenario designer didn’t imagine, the heroes are off to punish the defilers of Hera’s temple. Certificate 18 expected.

    Following this the Fates have decided that they will land on the isle of Folegandros. Here depending on which quest they pick they may charm a warrior queen, kill a semi-divine monster or broker a peace treaty. [Although on present form I will be prepared for you to kill the queen, charm the monster and break the peace treaty]. Whatever happens there will be glory to be won, and companions to take down a peg or two.

  2. Again, sadly won’t be there. Don’t like missing this game =(

  3. Im in 🙂 No pizza for me again tomorrow

  4. Is the game on tonight? Did Sean & Jules say they couldn’t make this week (I vaguely remember that they did)?

    I am willing to run with two players, Carl, Stefan, are you happy to play or would you prefer to wait for a bit more competition?

    Either is fine by me. Let me know.

    • Im game on no matter what…more glory for me! I think it was Jules who said he couldn’t make it last week 🙂

  5. From reading the descriptions I think this game sounds a little too testosterone fuelled male related smut for me … x

  6. OK, I am going to assume that the game is on. See you in short while.

  7. We got the horn, and we gave it to the satyrs real good! FUN session yesterday….if only I had some more pink…

  8. Russell Says:

    I’m glad the game was Ok on Friday, thanks for playing. I’m very interested to see what you all decide to do next, reopen the vineyards against Queen Zonobia’s orders, hunt the Siver Horse or perhaps just finish the mosaic.

    I can’t make it this coming weekend, as this is easter weekend (I think). Hopefully see you in two weeks.

    Carl, I read the League of Adventure book you lent me and I liked it. They look like fine pulp adventures set in the Victorian era. I’d be happy to play or run this when we have free slot. From the Triple Ace Games website I see that the game isn’t actually released yet and from reading their forums it seems that they won’t give a release date (they just say 2012). So it might be worth leaving playing it until they publish a few books for it.

    Oh and I found I already owned a copy of it, I must have been given it at a convention because I don’t remember buying it.

  9. Russell Says:

    I’ve just remembered that I won’t be able to make it this coming Friday, as I have to go to the hospital that afternoon. Sorry to be unreliable.

  10. I can’t make this Friday either, and will have to leave early 11ish the following Friday

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