Next Session: Friday 13th April

Aargh! It’s Friday the 13th! Russell and Stefan can’t make it! We’re doomed!

Or perhaps not. This sounds like the perfect opportunity for a boardgaming session. In fact, given the date, perhaps some haunted house shenanigans, courtesy of Betrayal at House on the Hill are in order!

I’m in, Sean and Charlie are in. Richard? Jules? Jo? Are you up for a night of pant-wetting terror?


2 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 13th April”

  1. I’ll be in for this friday, additional pants at the ready – more for the pant wettingly laughter that is sure to occur at any attempt of a horror game.
    As this game is about betrayal, we can also agree beforehand it’s going to be Carl and we’ll all gang up on him.

  2. Is the game on this Friday?

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