Next Session: Friday 20th April

In answer to Russell’s question, game on this Friday. After last week’s board game goodness it’s back to monster butt-kicking in Ancient Greece, as the revered Hero of Ages Ampelios (accompanied by a smattering of lick-spittles and hangers on) strides forth into legend. Have a care, lest you be blinded by his awesomeness.

Also, check this out: a new SotM expansion announced, as well as a lovely new edition of the base game. Drool.

6 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 20th April”

  1. Ola. Just returned from Luisitania, beyond the Gates of Herakles and the city of Tartessos. Lovely weather.

    Should be in for Friday although will need to confirm/confound on Friday afternoon.

    Can’t seem to remember anybody called Empellios but the masses are chanting the name of MIGHTY-THEWED PROCRUSTES; foe-killer, scorner-of-witches, treasure-finder, beloved of the Gods.

  2. Actually, do people want to come over to mine on Friday? If so I can make it, if not I’m afraid I have to stay at home and look after the children as Kathryne is running a weekend-long Cubs camp thing. If not, no biggie and I’ll join you all next week instead.

  3. Jules’ place it is. Though I’m a little concerned the poor fellow may not be fully recovered from his trip abroad if his deranged ramblings about this so-called “Procrustes” are anything to go by. He has clearly taken a blow to the head or an arrow to the knee, or eaten too much of that there foreign food.

  4. I am going to assume that the game is on tonight, as there are two players plus a venue. See you there.

  5. I’m in =)

  6. I’m in too
    if I’m late please order me a meaty pizza 🙂

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