Next Session: Friday June 1st

Over to Jules’ place for the conclusion of the Agon saga. Who will prove to be the most glorious?

6 Responses to “Next Session: Friday June 1st”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’m in! I’m in! woop

  2. Russell Says:

    Who will be the most glorious, indeed? The session will start at the gates of the Palace of Tylos as the heroes go to finally confront the evil Queen-Regent Zenobia. Following the some elevth hour detective work last session Odyssus, Diomedies and Argos gained the advantage “know the Queens dirty secret”.lets hope it will be enough.
    They need to achieve the following:
    (1) Persuade the Queen to end her mourning for her dead husband and sons and restart production of the holy wine of Dionysus
    (2) Broker a peace treaty between the grim and militaristic city of Tylos and the goat loving, thieving Skorpios people.
    (3) Get rid permanantly of a Babylonian prince turned pirate (and all his soldiers), who the heroes have persuaded to woo the Queen on the understanding that she is a looker and definitely interested.
    What could possibly go wrong? Such clever and mighty heroes will have no problem coming up with a solution. I look forward to seeing what it is.
    Jules, please make sure you have plenty of minatures to use for the palace guard. I suspect we will be needing them.

  3. Russell Says:

    I know this is a big ask but I have just realised that I need some more dice for a game that I am running at the weekend. Is anyone going near Leisure Games or another game store and could buy some for me? I need 10 x black d6 and 10 x white d6. I will (of course) give you the money on Friday. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    • Russell Says:

      Just in case another good Samaritan was going to help me, Carl has texted me to say he has bought the dice for me. Thank you very much.

  4. Sean and Chuck Says:

    We are in

  5. Richard Smith Says:

    Are we on for this week?

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