Next Session: Friday June 29th

Who’s on for coming to mine Friday? Get your character killed so you can roll up a vegetable celaphopod with toxic vomit. Go on, all the cool kids are doing it.

8 Responses to “Next Session: Friday June 29th”

  1. I’m out for 3 weeks. My mutation has removed my lungs so I need hot sea water too breathe

  2. Russell Says:

    I should be able to make it.

    Stefan, you are talking in character aren’t you?

  3. Russell Says:

    It doesn’t look like there are any affirmative replies but mine, and so I am going to assume that the game is cancelled tonight.

    Carl, I tried to send the League of Adventure pdf to you but it is 60 MB. I will stick a copy on a flash drive and bring it to the next session.

  4. Russell Says:

    Is the Gamma World on this week? I should be able to make it.

    I understand that everyone else probably has more complicated lives than me, but it would really help me if I know definitely by Thursday night if the game is going to happen. Carl, as you suggested I will give you a ring on Thursday evening if I am unclear.

  5. Richard Says:

    I won’t be able to attend again this week. I’m up at the wireless festival rolling drunks out of the gutter.

  6. Surprise!

  7. Had hoped to come tonight but can’t get out of plans until 9 which is probably a bit late to join in …
    but I am planning to be there next week if a new game is starting as its been ages! x

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