Next Session: Friday September 7th

I will be away next Friday watching the Paralympics, so an alternate venue is required. Jules, can you host? Who else can make it, and what’s on the menu to play?

6 Responses to “Next Session: Friday September 7th”

  1. I should be able to make it. Stefan, are you running your Imperial Guard game?

  2. Some of the things I need to run the Imperial Guard game is at Carl’s house.
    I might not have a car either (it might be wife-napped), so im only 50% sure I will be able to come, better plan without me.

    Who else is coming and can Jules even host?
    I can host but Im shit miles away from everyone, but if you are willing to make the journey I dont mind hosting 🙂 (its about 45 mins on the M25 and about a 90 mile round trip)

  3. My wife won the car rights tomorrow by playing the pregnant card. So I’m out unless anyone wants to come to my place 🙂

  4. Women can be clever like that. They get pregnant just so they can have the car.

    As I said in my e-mail, Dartford is too far for me and so as Jules can’t host the game is cancelled for me at least.

  5. This week! If we have a venue and a bunch o players I would like to continue the imperial guard scenario

  6. I think I can make it this week (but not next week). I’m happy to play a member of the Imperial Guard.

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