D&D Next Playtest: Levelling Up

Normally I’d leave things until an extended rest to level up, but as this is a playtest it’s best to keep things moving. So everyone goes to Level 2. As packet 5 is available I decide we may as well use it, and spend some time levelling everyone’s character in order to get familiar with the various class and race mechanics, and to get a good handle on what has changed. Quite a bit, as it turns out. Most significantly;

  • The rogue now has the expertise die mechanic, and Sneak Attack is slightly nerfed
  • The archer loses his twin strike ability
  • The wizard loses Ghost Sound, and Magic Missile is now a level 1 spell, doing more damage.
  • There is no Sorcerer class.

I’ve tried to go for a pretty minimalist character sheet layout. See what you think:






Note to players: I’ve selected stuff for you when levelling up and recreating the characters from the last set of pregens. I’ve also used half HD value when adding level up HP. If you want to change anything I’ve done or take your chances on a die roll for HP you can do that.  I’ve not worked on Todd yet. Stefan, if you can email me a .doc version of him, or add him to this post, that’s fine. If not let me know and I’ll create his sheet.

As I mentioned on Friday, I won’t be available for the next two weeks.

18 Responses to “D&D Next Playtest: Levelling Up”

  1. Carl, thanks for providing an updated character sheet for Barda. I have a couple of questions. Glancing at it I notice that her AC has gone down by 1 to AC 16 from AC 17. Is this an error or an intentional change? Also I see that she has gained 5 hp from last level (to 19 hp from 14 hp). This seems a bit low. As I understand it, she gets d12 hp + 3 for con modifier. Also because of the Endurance Specialist power (which you have just added) she can roll two d12 and pick the best. I understand that you have used a standard value rather than a dice roll but given that the average of d12+3 is 9.5 (or approx. 11.5 allowing for the Endurance Specialist) the standard value seems wrong. Is there an error or have I misunderstood the formula?

  2. Ah, back-calculating from her starting hp at first level, it looks like she uses d10 for hp when she levels. Presumably the d12 is just for recovering hp. So 14 hp was maximum of d10 =10 + 3 con modifier + 1 dwarven race ability.
    So 5 hp is probably the standard value for d10 (5.5 average, rounded down). Do you not add the con modifier after first level? Either way I think I’ll take a dice roll if the Endurance Specialist gives me best of two rolls as the probability of getting less than 5 is only 16%.

    I notice her stats seem to have changed as well. Her Charisma was the best in the party at 11 or 12 and now it seems to have dropped to the party average of 8. This is fine as it fits with how I imagine the character, but I would be interested to know the reason for the change.

  3. Hi Russell,

    * My bad on the HP. I’ve missed Con bonus and got the value wrong (it should be average for a d12, rounded up, so 7. Plus, I missed Durable. Can you let me know the average for highest of 2d12? I’ll update all sheets ASAP.

    * All other changes are due to changes to the pregen sheets made by WotC. So stats, feats, etc may well change with each new playtest packet released as WotC tweak the chac5racter creation process.

    • Thanks for the quick reply. The average (mean) result of roll 2d12 and pick the best result is 8.486 (for 2d10 and pick the best it is 7.15). So including the +3 for Con, Barda’s hp would be 8.486 rounded to 8 + 3 = 11 hp. Adding that to the 14 hp from first level would be 25 (=14 + 11).


  4. The new sheet has starting HP of 13, which takes you to 24. I’ll aim to upload the revised sheets today.

  5. Updated sheets added

  6. Thanks. I notice that Sabriel has an owl familar now. With AC 12 & 9 hp I bet 1 g.p. that it doesn’t survive the next session.

    5 g.p says Todd Buttercup makes a delicious roast dinner out of it before the next WotC update takes it away.

  7. UM nom nom!
    What do you want to do with Todd now Carl? The powers he has seems quite out of line with the current test package. I cant reeeeaaally see how he would thematically function as a monk, though if you want me to convert to it I am sure we can fudge it somehow;*cheesy Chinese movie voice* The inner Duragon has awokened, NOW hewo go kung fu on them asses!
    Making me change class at every new update has its charm :p

    Or I can just for better or worse keep with the sorcerer 🙂 Your call.

  8. I have a feeling that owl will prove tougher to get rid of than you think…

    Re Todd, I agree it would be best to stick with the current playtest material, so I’ll leave it up to you what you want to do. You can retire him for now and have a new character join the party, or you can change his class for now until they redo the sorcerer. Could you re-skin him as a wizard do you think?

  9. ‘Use Rope’… Really?

    So even though I’ve lost the rapid shot ability I believe Stefan said something about everyone being able to do a double attack with the same penalty.

    • That is my mistake…it only applies to Melee weapons.
      All is not lost though, you will get the “volley” ability that looks quite cool at…level 10 :p
      You could try and persuade Carl in to swapping your level 2 bonus out with your level 10 one. Because right now, if Todd was to pick up a bow he would be just as good an archer as your character 😉

      Speaking of Todd, He has heard a rumour about a dragon about, and has joined up with a guy called Sir Calvin to hunt it down (its going to turn out that the rumour was false once they reintroduce the sorcerer)

      So I am going to make a human Monk.
      He is a well known character at the local inns/taverns as a bit of an obnoxious drunk. Whenever people try to punish him for being annoying however, his drunkenness seems to mysteriously being on his side. Rufus knows me, as he has once hunted me down and put me behind bars for pissing in a noble man’s rose bushes (I served my time and paid the fine) and Thrice Born knows me as when I’m sober I’m one of the best forgers in town.
      Race: Human
      Class: Monk (Drunken Master)
      Background: Charlatan
      Speciality: Skill master in Disguise and Tumble
      I will make a Carl sheet in my lunch break and send email it to you tonight.

  10. Oh and “Use Rope” must come from the Bounty Hunter background :p

  11. And lastly: Its of course Morrin the bounty hunter that hunted me down, not rufus the priest…DOH!

    • Because Rufus the laid-back priest doesn’t care where you relieve yourself. The gods probably take a dimmer view. Erathis hates public disorder and Bahamut hates any activity involving below the waist regions.

  12. That’s rather depressing news to hear Stefan. Also looking at the spring attack it just allows be to make a really rubbish attack when moving out of combat (not sure what hustle does yet) and knowing a halfling can pick up my bow and be just as good saddens me….

  13. Morrin is still quite good with a bow. He has 18 dex for +4 to hit and damage, plus Deadly Strike and Precise Shot, If Todd can match that then I think I understand why the Sorcerer class got cut.

    Rope use is a bit rubbish though.

  14. You are right Russell.
    Reason I said Todd was as good was that he had +3 from dex so only -1 to hit -1 damage and the lack of ability to ignore some cover….BUT:
    I had overlooked Deadly Strike (+3.5 dam). And also had not thought about the fact that only fighters have access to the Heavy Missile Weapon category (+1 dam)

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