D&D Next Playtest: Session 2

The party (apart from Todd Buttercup, who is busy minding the mule cart this week) track kobold clawprints to another cave. They also find another cave with what looks like a sleeping bear, but which turns out to be Unk the ogre’s dinner. The party persuade Unk, with the use of all their treasure, to go and kill the goblins in the cave next door, which he cheerfully does. At least he does until he gets bored and goes back to eating in his cave.

The party push on into the cave complex, encountering more goblins but scaring them off through inspired use of the wizard’s Ghost Sound spell. The goblins end up barricading themselves into what looks like a store room, and the party decide to leave them there and continue to explore.

Heading back the party discover they have been blocked in; the goblin leader has fetched some hobgoblin troops, who have barricaded the them in.

The battle that follows includes:

  • The barricade getting set on fire
  • Thriceborn diving alone through the flames, getting his head kicked in and being dragged away to who knows where by goblins
  • Rufus the cleric melting the goblin leader’s face off in a one-hit kill radiant nuke strike
  • Unk returning to the fray after apparently being insulted by the goblin leader and trashing the barricade and the few remaining hobgoblins
  • Unk turning on the party and taking out the majority of them, before Sabriel and Morrin finally manage to take him down.

The party bind their wounds and press on, desperate to find their stolen comrade before unspeakable things are done to him. They head down rough-cut stone steps until they find a heavy studded oak door, barred on the far side. With a bit of finesse work they release a hidden catch. The door swings open and bellowing war cries the heroes charge in…

100 XP each. Everyone levels up!

A fun session to DM again from my point of view. Still some balancing issues to iron out (that cleric attack did 21HP!) but overall a fine piece of work so far. I can pretty much run the whole thing from the map and the bestiary, dipping into the room descriptions on occasion. No computer, no status tracking, no minis or grid; the whole thing feels a lot more free and fluid to run than 4E or 3.5. Of course this is level 1, it will be interesting to see how things change as we start to reach higher levels.


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