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DND next high level

Posted in News on December 30, 2012 by Stefan

STEFAN writing this:

To give Carl the option to play as well, I am just now planning to make a few sessions before I go on paternity leave :p

Also it would be nice to see the higher level content in use so what Im thinking is to make a level 11 high combat mini campaign (hopefully max 2 sessions). For that I am going to make some premade characters for people to use. I think that the Cleric and Wizard at higher level are too complicated to get to grips with if you dont make it yourself, so if anyone would like to make a level 11 Wizard/Cleric to play themselves they are more than welcome to do so.

The setting: The City! A bustling metropolis of the human empire. 98% of the population humans, and only in the slum are disgusting demi humans found.


The premades I have planned are (all humans):

The Knight: A roaming knight, protecting the weak and innocent with his trusty steed and family suit of armor. (Sword and Board fighter protector)

The Guard: Veteran of the City watch, he has seen it all and heard it all. He knows the city and inhabitants better than anyone else. (Polearm fighter)

The Swashbuckler: Dainty Nobleman duellist without peers. Has rescued many a damsel in distress, and laid with even more. (charismatic rapier wielding rogue)

The Thief: The guardsman might know everyone in town, but the thief knows the interior and layout of every single house and street. (Dexy climbing thief, connections to the guild)

The Monk: The child prodigy of the monastic order of the 7 bells. Magical Kung fu wonder. (wind themed monk)

Let me know if you want to play this, or even more important if you dont want to (then I wont waste time preparing anything). Also if we are playing if you have a preference for a character or want to make your own.

Next Session: Friday 28th December

Posted in General on December 27, 2012 by Carl

If we can get enough folks I’d like to run a D&D session at my place. Sean, Charlie and Stefan are all in, so what do you say Jules, Rich and Russell? Up for some butt-kicking for goodness?

Late Notice Game session: Friday 21st december

Posted in General on December 21, 2012 by Carl

We’re on!

Jules’s place for those that can make it, so far me, Jules, Sean & Charlie. Sorry for the very late notice!

Next Session: Friday 14th December

Posted in General on December 11, 2012 by Carl

I’m good to host again this week. Can’t guarantee I’ll be up for running a game (a bit burned out at the moment), but hopefully if I can’t do it Stefan can.

Next Session: Friday 7th December

Posted in General on December 5, 2012 by Carl

I’m OK to host this week, and can continue the D&D playtest if that’s the preference.

Who’s in?