Next Session: Friday 7th December

I’m OK to host this week, and can continue the D&D playtest if that’s the preference.

Who’s in?

6 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 7th December”

  1. I will be out xmas boozing with work sadly.

  2. There is a 75% chance I can make it. I am free and want to come along but my health isn’t great this week. If I am feeling rough on Friday afternoon I will probably stay home. I will post and let you know on Friday.

  3. I am not going to be able to make it tomorrow. I don’t feel great and it is too cold and too snowy to leave the house.

  4. Hmm, Jules is out too. I think that Richard said he cant make the next few weeks. Another cancellation? If we cant make this then I suggest we seriously look at doing a xmas drinks do?

    I dont have my phone today – Fran borrowed it for work. and I cant seem to send emails to you all on y hotmail account because it says I am spamming you.

    Carl – let me know?


  5. Hotmail sucks balls. Use Gmail. Bit of free IT consultancy for you there.

    Even if it’s just you me and Charlie I’m happy to go ahead tonight, maybe a boardgame. Sam is out at her Xmas do.

  6. Carl are you good for hosting 14th?

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