Next Session: Friday 14th December

I’m good to host again this week. Can’t guarantee I’ll be up for running a game (a bit burned out at the moment), but hopefully if I can’t do it Stefan can.

6 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 14th December”

  1. I can run some d&d. Will give Carl a chance to try to be a player as well?
    If i run it, do you Want to play the monk i made? I can send it when i come home.

  2. I’m out this week. Don’t get Barda killed in my absence. Actually do, and then I can have a better character.

  3. I have fallen ill so is 50/50 if i can make it tonight.
    It seems its only Carl and me who could make it anyway?

  4. I’m feeling pretty rough too. OK, let’s cancel.

    I’m not likely to be around until Jan now I suspect.

  5. I can’t do the 21st.
    How are people on doing 28th? Important not at work so could do an extended session perhaps. 🙂

    • Stefan, I could probably make the 28th. I would need to obtain permission from Monica nearer the time, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

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