Next Session: Friday 28th December

If we can get enough folks I’d like to run a D&D session at my place. Sean, Charlie and Stefan are all in, so what do you say Jules, Rich and Russell? Up for some butt-kicking for goodness?

4 Responses to “Next Session: Friday 28th December”

  1. I am in! RAWR!

    I think Sean was talking about wanting to go out to have a pint. I cant drink as I need to both drive home and drive early next day as well. But if the option of pubbing is chosen I will still come along and just drink soft drinks 🙂

    Have you seen the Latest Version of the Play test…WOW! Its by far the best one yet (as far as ive managed to read yet) there’s some awesome ideas in there and great ways to customize your characters. I think we should use that…maybe its too short notice for tomorrow, but definitely use that in the future!

    I dont have to go to work tomorrow, so could in theory start earlier?

  2. I’m in! Now let me kill things before the year is out.

    • Excellent! That’s Sean, Charlie, Stefan and Richard. No Jules or Russell tonight sadly, but we have enough to play.

      Richard, can you make it to mine for 7pm?

  3. Umm, no, I’ve just got in thinking it’s normal time……err, be there shortly with a pizza I’ve just ordered….

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